Oscar winner Christopher Plummer (winner91) is dead

Oscar winner Christopher Plummer (winner91) is dead

For nearly 70 years, Christopher Plummer stepped into a wide variety of roles and thrilled audiences. Now the actor died at the age of 91, his family confirmed.

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Christopher Plummer has died. The Oscar winner died at his home in the US state of Connecticut. He slept peacefully, his family said. On his side was his wife Ellen Taylor, whom he had lived with for 53 years.

“Chris was an extraordinary person”

According to The Guardian, Plummer’s manager and long-time confidant, Lou Pitt, commented on Mime’s death: “Chris was an extraordinary man with great old-fashioned manners, self-abusive humor and music from his job Deeply loved and respected him. Of words. “Plummer truly appreciated his Canadian roots. “Through his art and humanity, he touched the hearts of all of us and his legendary life will live on for all generations to come. He will be with us forever.”

Plummer was born in Toronto in December 1929 and began his career on Canadian television, onstage and on radio. From 1954, he became a theater star on Broadway. He made his cinema debut in the 1958 film “Ek Din Darwaza Khulga”. In 1965 he acted in the film “The Sound of Music”. He has also appeared in other cult films such as “12 Monkey”, “A Beautiful Mind” or “Beginners” and many other films.

Oscar at age 82

He received the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2012 for “Early”. He was 82 then. Plummer had his last major success at the box office in 2019. In the crime drama “Knife Out” he played the role of crime writer and murder victim Harlan Thrombe.

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Christopher Plummer was 91 years old. He leaves his wife, whom he has been married to since 1970, and his daughter Amanda Plummer. The 63-year-old is also an actress.

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