Our Stars in Private: Today: Berit Junger – More Local Sports

Our Stars in Private: Today: Berit Junger - More Local Sports

I can laugh about it

About pretty much everything.

I am angry about this:

About my talent for hurting myself.

I like to eat it for my life:

Spaetzle and Toffee.

This music keeps me in a good mood:

For example, the Norwegian apprez-ski music, Freddie Kalas.

I could watch this movie again and again:

Pippley Longstocking or Harry Potter.

If I were to become an animal, I would like to become:

A Scottish Highland Cattle or Whale.

It was my first car:

My grandmother 20 years old Renault Clio.

My friends would use these three adjectives to describe me:

Comfortable, open-minded, reliable.

This is my biggest weakness:

I am made close to water.

I can’t do that at all:

talk quietly.

I know something that:

When I fall asleep, I always listen to audio books and call me “The Three ???” All episodes of are known.

I am proud of this achievement:

Medals at the Junior World Championship, sixth place at the World Cup and my German Championship title.

This is my second favorite game:

I find it difficult to limit myself to one thing, but probably handball.

I would like to know this celebrity:

American Ski Racer Mikela Shiffrin.

I want to fulfill my wish:

Travel around Iceland and go skiing in Canada.

I would do this with one million euros:

Build a house in the mountains and enjoy life.

I will take these three things with me to a desert island:

A friend, playing cards and eating lots of good food.

I would like to read the title in Bietigheimer Zeitung soon:

“Berit Young achieved his first World Cup victory” or “became world champion”.

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