“Out of Feeling”: Mandy Capristo about her new relationship

"Out of Feeling": Mandy Capristo about her new relationship

Mandy capristo (31) talks about their mysterious partnership. It was only on Valentine’s Day that the musician surprised her fans with this great news: she announced her new relationship in which she entered First couple photo Shared on the network. the former Munroz-Singer has been in a relationship with an Italian businessman for a long time and also lives in Homeland with her boyfriend. Chatted well Mandy In a TV show about his new love.

Actually, the beauty keeps her personal life private, but still she decides to make her relationship public. In today’s episode Grill hensler Cheated Mandy At the request of the moderator Laura Vontorra (32) That the action was quite spontaneous. “Sometimes you have to do things with emotion and don’t think about it for a long time.”

But this did not mean that the 31-year-old was released from cross-examination. But this time it was the host Stephen Hensler (рекрео), who wanted to get some information about the person on his side from him. “Mandy, is he really a soccer player? Die Laura Told it is a football player “The cook asked straight out. but Mandiso The answer could not be clearer: “What! Never again.” The musician was with a professional football player for a few years Mesut Ozil (32) was in a relationship and a relationship with an athlete was apparently enough for him.

Mandy Capristo in “Grill Den Hensler”

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Mandy Capristo with her boyfriend
“Grill den hensler” 2021. Singer mandy capristo in
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