Patch 1.2 will modify police and vehicle control, among other things

Patch 1.2 will modify police and vehicle control, among other things

CD Projekt Red has previously undergone improvements AnnouncedThat patch came with 1.2 Cyberpunk 2077 ()From Is 39,00Is on Buying), Which is planned for the end of March 2021. Patch, featured in special broadcast N 54 news It was submitted, among other things, that the police would modify. The emergency teams of the NCPD should no longer look out in the future (Examples), But only appear a short time later – after a crime has been reported – in place of the crime. In addition, police will pre-emptively state the situation with a reconnaissance drone before an emergency begins – even if the reconnaissance drone is suspiciously fast in the video below on site.

In addition, the control of vehicles has to be optimized. A new sensitivity setting (control sensitivity) is introduced, while in the background it is ensured that the control remains more reliable and consistent even when the frame is dropped. Vehicles that are stuck in some way should also be “released”.

“It was more difficult to keep our vehicles under control at a lower frame rate. We were able to make this problem part of code that could only handle extreme changes in frame rates poorly. Control speed is now consistent, regardless 20 or more than 60 fps. In the end, we did some fine work on individual vehicles and adjusted those that were sensitive to low frame rates, including the player Archer Hela. “, Hence Semus, senior vehicle programmer.

In addition, “quick preventive action”, if you press a movement key twice in quick succession, it may soon be turned off so that you do not accidentally move forward or forward.

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“In control settings, stealing can now be disabled by pressing a movement key twice. The player can still dodge by pressing the Crouch key twice (default: C). This can make it easier to use WASD key assignment on the keyboard Is. Steps. Many other major mapping issues remain, but should be addressed in future patches. “, Writes Vojtech, tools programmer at CD Project Red.

Developers will announce in the next few days whether other common quality improvements and bug 1.2 fixes will be fixed.

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