Peru: Dozens injured in severe earthquake

Peru: Dozens injured in severe earthquake

during a severe earthquake to the north of Peru More than 40 people have been injured. Sulana’s hospital announced Friday that three people were seriously injured when the walls collapsed. A pregnant woman is also among the seriously injured. About ten people broke their bones.

According to the South American country’s earthquake center, the 6.1-magnitude quake had its epicenter twelve kilometers west of the city of Sulana in Piura Department, at a depth of 36 kilometers. Tremors were felt in large parts of the area and also in the surrounding areas. Ecuador to feel.

To civil defense information About 190 buildings were damaged and six houses were left uninhabited after the earthquake. Roads, sewers and power lines were also damaged. Radio station RPP reported that the front part of the cathedral had collapsed on the road in the provincial capital Piura. So many people left the buildings they were in and moved out.

Landslides have also been reported in the Colon district on the Pacific Coast. President Pedro Castillo leaves a military parade to mark the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence Lima and went to Piura, where he met the injured in the hospital.

“Our solidarity goes with the victims and those affected by the earthquake in Piura,” the head of state, who took the oath on Twitter on Wednesday, wrote. “Our priority is to protect the physical integrity of all citizens.”

Peru is always prone to strong earthquakes as different plates of the Earth’s crust collide in this region. The entire west coast of the American double continent is located on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, which is known for its high seismic activity.

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