Petra Gester: “Today” – Aus for ZDF Icon – The 39-year-old successor is now confirmed

Petra Gester: "Today" - Aus for ZDF Icon - The 39-year-old successor is now confirmed
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Along with Petra Gerster, the famous presenters of the ZDF “Hute” program are retiring. And the team prepares him for an emotional farewell.

Update from 10.15 am on May 28: “Lebbies gone again!” Petra Gerster said and said goodbye to retirement. Also for the “Today” broadcast. Because it is now clear who will replace the iconic ZDF presenter. Jan Parigis. The 39-year-old presenter is known by “ZDF Mittagsmagazin”. From July 2021, she will present the lead ZDF news program in turn with Barbara Halweg and Christian Severs. “I am very happy that we were able to win the Jan Parigis for the task. She is a first-class collaborator, experienced in news journalism and who will enrich our 7pm team, “said Chief ZDF News Department head Betina Schosten.” ZDF heute “announced it on her Instagram account, among other things Of.

“Today” – Aus for ZDF icon Petra Gaster: Farewell fare in video

Update on May 27 at 12 noon: Cable car accidents on Lake Magygore, disagreements over vaccination in Germany, and programs in Belarus are broadcast via ZDF presenter Petra Gester on May 26 via her final “Huit” broadcast. In the end she reads the lottery number as usual and then it is over for her – almost. She was already about to say another word, when her colleague Norbert Lehman, who was standing next to her at the news desk, turned to her: “Yes, Petra, and now I have some more numbers for you. And 32! “That’s how many years he worked for ZDF. And he gives another number:” This is your 3661 ‘Haute’ show you’ve hosted. Your last one. “Gerster himself calls a perplexing” ha “and can hardly believe it. “Did you count? Hey madness!” Gaster is now retiring.

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After a short clip of her time as a presenter, at which she can laugh a lot at herself, she is clearly struggling with her feelings. Lehman then hands over a large bouquet of flowers to the team. “It was very surprising now”, she resumes and when she said: “Dear audience, that was for me. For almost 23 years I was able to provide you with the day’s news of the moment.” Thanks for the trust. “The ‘Heat’ team continues, meticulous and committed as always. For once, I say goodbye today by quoting a football philosopher, former Iontracht Frankfurt coach Stepanovic, better known as Steppie: LeBe goes again! Take care! ”

The ZDF icon moderates its previous “Today” broadcast and reveals future plans.

First report from May 26: Mainz – He is a veteran ZDF, Almost every resident of Germany has seen her on television screens: Petra Gerster. For more than 20 years she has been the main presenter of the Mainz broadcaster’s “Huet” program. But it will be over from May 26, 2021, after the 66-year-old will retire after her last show.

After a stint at WDR and BR, Gerster joined ZDF in 1989, where she was editor and presenter of the social magazine “ML Mona Lisa” for over ten years. In addition, she was active for 3sat, including leading the “regular table of 3sat women”. Gerster has been moderating “Today” since 1998 at 7 pm. In 1999, he also received the Bambi, Media and Television Award from Hubert Barda Media for his performance on the news program.

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“Today” Presenter Petra Gerster: Annoying news due to gender

Gerster not only receives praise for his restraint. She started gendering in October last year. With her, it is expressed in a pause, so she calls it “spectator” rather than “spectator”. She followed her ZDF colleague, Klaus Kleber, who began lingering in front of her.

Gerster claims that he has received a lot of angry messages for gendering. “Most viewers refused,” Gerster said on the March 10 talk show “Myschberger”. “I get a lot of mail from the audience and have to answer a lot of letters every week.”

On May 26, 2021, Petra Gerster will host the “Hate” news for the last time

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Petra Gerster Retires: A Puppy Comes Home

What does Gerster do with his free time? There is no way that she will get bored because she has worked on many projects. She wanted to “write another book” with her husband Christian Nuremberger, she said Augsburger allgamine. “Then a puppy comes into the house – whether it is a schnauzer or a terrier or a mixed breed, has not been discussed yet.”

Above all, she wants to spend more time with her husband, who is also a journalist. “I just can’t think of the person I’d spend my time with,” Gerster said. They are “not just both political journalists”. They can “talk, argue and laugh at each other unbreakably.” (Mahof / dpa)

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