“Physical Limit” Reached: Jurgen Drew Cancels Performance for June

"Physical Limit" Reached: Jurgen Drew Cancels Performance for June

“Physical Limit” Reached
Jurgen Drew cancels performances for June

On his tour with Florian Silberesen, Jurgen Drew recently seemed as energetic as ever. But now the 77-year-old has announced that he will step down for the time being. He cites age and health as the reason.

Schlager great Jurgen Drew has just finished the “XXL Tour” with Florian Silberesen. Even though he seemed as energetic as ever, difficulties left their mark on him. The 77-year-old has now announced this in an extensive Instagram post and immediately bad news for her fans: “Please understand that I will not have any more live performances (where I have to be on stage) until the beginning of July. Could understand more Is.”

In other words: All planned concerts by Drew in June have been cancelled. As a reason, the musician stated that he noticed “the side effects of growing up” while touring with Silberesen. [sic] are catching on faster and faster and unfortunately the gradual process of my polyneuropathy cannot be completely stopped.” Last year, Drew made it public that she suffers from nerve disease that restricts the ability to walk .

He must process the unfamiliar situation himself before returning to the spotlight: “Even for me, these physical limitations that I had to experience are completely new and I have to learn to deal with them.” So in order to continue “to maintain his health”, he had to retreat for some time.

In early May he told “Build”: “I have it under control because I can still walk quite well. My legs still carry me. Sometimes I twirl a bit, but I have to There’s no pain.” In an earlier interview with the newspaper, he had reported a diagnosis of “peripheral polyneuropathy”. Accordingly, he was only screened for dementia. “I had a dementia test at the neurologist. I wanted to know if I was at risk for the disease because my mother had symptoms of dementia at the end of life,” Drews said candidly in the summer of 2021. Fortunately, her suspicions were not confirmed. However, the doctor then diagnosed another neurological condition in him.

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