Ursula Klang Practice for Psycho-oncology and Health Counseling

Ursula Klang Practice for Psycho-oncology and Health Counseling

Ursula Klang – Naturopathic Doctor for Psychiatry and Health Consultant (ALH)

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Weilheim – The diagnosis of cancer marks a profound turning point in the daily lives of those affected and their families.

Emotional relief, stabilization, (medical) motivational support or psychological support may be useful or necessary for overcoming illness. Clarification of current questions or resolution of fear and stressful thoughts are helpful for orientation, better coping with stress, and benefits in quality of life. “I recommend further counseling with people with tumor diseases, with empathy and respect, with resource-oriented conversations and techniques of mindfulness and relaxation,” says Ursula Klang, non-medical practitioner of Psychiatry and Health Counsel (ALH).

“In health counseling I provide information, advice, and support to people who want to take more personal responsibility for their health,” explains Klang. Lifestyle factors are a very valuable resource when it comes to self-care and prevention of lifestyle diseases. The focus here is on a balanced and nutritious diet and good stress management.

“Apart from analysis, knowledge transfer and practical exercises, I attach great importance to actively working with clients on a topic and motivating them step by step into the desired lifestyle. From July/August I regularly conduct small workshops and discussion groups. Exact details about target groups and topic content as well as dates will be announced on the homepage,” reports Clang.

psycho-oncology: Dealing with fatigue, illness and stress, needs and resources
health advice: stress management, self-care and resilience, prevention of chronic diseases

Appointments can be made by telephone, e-mail or via the contact form.

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Telephone: 015151908653
Email: [email protected]
site: www.ursula-klang.de

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