Pope pays tribute to indigenous people: “The spirit of community is so real”

Pope pays tribute to indigenous people: "The spirit of community is so real"

In a tweet this Tuesday afternoon, Pope Francis remembered the United Nations World Indigenous Day. According to the United Nations, this Tuesday’s Day of Commemoration is about not forgetting “what we owe them for land exploitation and colonization”.

Mario Galgano – Vatican City

In his German-language Twitter account, Pope writes:

“How precious is so much genuine intimacy and a sense of community between indigenous peoples! And how important it is that the bond between young and old is carefully nurtured and maintained in a healthy and harmonious relationship with the whole of creation!”

Francis’ words are addressed to the millions who belong to the indigenous people. They inhabit about a quarter of the earth. According to a United Nations statement on World Indigenous Day, most of them are “protectors and protectors of creation” – as Pope Francis called it during his recent visit to Canada – and yet they are concerned about climate change and human exploitation of the earth. are more sensitive than others. , In the tweet, the pope echoed some of the concepts he reiterated during his recent visit to Canada, his “atonement pilgrimage” for the indigenous peoples who inhabit this vast land that has been greatly damaged by colonialism.

These days, the Pope is addressing current topics in his daily tweets, such as World Days or Moments of Remembrance. So Monday’s tweet was dedicated to dialogue. There are currently approximately 676,000 followers registered on the German-language account @Pontifex_de. 19 million Twitter users have subscribed to the English language channel. This makes Pope one of the personalities on Twitter with the most followers worldwide.

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