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Poverty Prosecution - For Science

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Distance learning studies. Dirk Walter.

A Frankfurt study largely condemns distance learning. Doesn’t bring anything, I can go! That’s all? The intellectual simplicity of the researchers’ portrayal is an insult to the efforts of teachers and students. It’s an indictment – for science! Distance learning certainly has serious disadvantages. But it was not a complete failure: of course, initially embarrassing technical problems dominated in Bavaria as well. And yes, the Ministry of Culture has long not understood that individuals (teachers and students) participated in the pandemic – countermeasures came of late, as did a mandatory digital morning greeting, which required at least the computer to be turned on. Overall at 8 am, however, teachers and students have learned a lot from the pandemic. Distance learning has become more professional.

Now that the incidence figures are approaching zero in some cases, most students and their parents are still happy about the (temporary?) end of home lessons. Distance learning is not an alternative to face-to-face teaching for most students. So far there have been hardly any indications that homeschooling can yield real added value, that is, a real “plus” out of traditional teaching methods. It doesn’t have to stay like this. The thrust for digitization should not be diminished again as no one knows whether we will have to prepare ourselves for a new pandemic and a new phase of homeschooling.

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