President Macron could lose an absolute majority in parliament

President Macron could lose an absolute majority in parliament

It would be a blow to the French president: things could turn tough for Macron in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Above all, a Left coalition is competing with them.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron’s coalition could lose its absolute majority in the upcoming general election. It would be a blow to the reforms planned in his second term.

An absolute majority in the National Assembly requires at least 289 seats. Macron’s centrist camp easily overcame this hurdle in the 2017 election. The poll also predicted that this position would be confirmed in the coming elections – the first round is on 12 June. But now there are the first two polls that question this: the Ifop Institute predicted 275 to 310 of the 577 seats in the lower house for Macron’s camp, the Elbe Institute predicted 275 to 315 seats.

Minority government unusual in France

Voting for seats in parliament is complicated: a runoff is held in each of the 577 constituencies, in which a candidate received less than 50 percent of the vote in the first round. Depending on who reaches the second round on June 19, there will be various ad hoc alliances on the ground.

A minority government in France would be unusual and would make it more difficult for Macron to pass laws, such as his unpopular plan to raise the retirement age. However, Macron’s previous alliance could also entice conservatives to form a coalition.

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