Rare: Angelina Jolie talks about her children’s skin colors

Rare: Angelina Jolie talks about her children's skin colors

it gives insight Angelina Jolie (46) Not often. In recent years, the world famous actress is going through difficult times. She found herself in a debilitating legal battle with her ex-husband brad pitt (57). Although Hollywood celebrities opposed it, but flat nail joint custody Apply to your children. done now Angelina Something that is very rare for her in an interview: She talked about what it means to her that her offspring are of different skin colours.

in conversation with Time Told Angelina daughter’s operation Zahara (16), whom she adopted in 2005 from an orphanage in Ethiopia. “Then a nurse told me to call her when her skin turned ‘pink,'” said the 46-year-old. They find it worrying that generally little is known about the possible symptoms of dark skin. “My kids come from different backgrounds and when they get a rash, it looks very different depending on the color of their skin.”, “Salt” reported the actress.

beside your daughter Zahara had to start last year too Shiloho (15) is to be operated. in an article for Time what he didn’t reveal Zahara was absent, however, that Shiloho One hip surgery Had to be During this time his other children are said to have actively supported both the girls. maddox (19), Peace (17) and twins Knox (12) and Vivian (12) were for them and were “helpful and kind”.

Angelina Jolie at the Critics’ Choice Awards in 2018
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Angelina Jolie and their children Knox, Zahara, Vivienne and Shiloh in Los Angeles
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