The ‘Let’s Dance’ star spoke candidly about love life

The 'Let's Dance' star spoke candidly about love life

Ekaterina Leonova was one of the audience’s favorites among “Let’s Dance” fans.Build: Getty Images Europe / Andreas Rentz

Ekaterina Leonova is known as a professional as a professional dancer from “Let’s Dance”. She grew into an absolute fan favorite in dance shows and set an unbroken record. She won “Let’s Dance” three times in a row: In 2017 he won with Gil Ofrim, in 2018 with Ingolf Luck and in 2019 with Pascal Haynes. In the same year she also took first place with Massimo Sinato in a special competition for professional dancers.

Ekaterina hasn’t been part of the “Let’s Dance” ensemble since 2020, but her fan base remains loyal to her online and Ekata, as the native Russian is also known, returns the favor with happy stories from her on her Instagram channel Life, The 34-year-old always seems to be in a good mood. The past few months were anything but easy for the dancer, as she now says.

Ekaterina Leonova was threatened with deportation

i am Interview with RTL He gave a glimpse behind his happy face at the “RTL Spendenmarathon”. He had to turn his life upside down this year:

“At the beginning of the year it was really bad. My employment contract expired. I knew I had to look for a new job. My relationship was over. I was devastated.”

The termination of her employment contract affected her particularly badly, as she was threatened with deportation without a job. Russia,

Luckily, the tide has now turned for Ekaterina. He got the job. For this she is going far Perfume for Munich. Only Downer: You Have to Get Out of the Ordinary w g Go out with your cousin. The ex-“Let’s Dance” star has yet to reveal what she will do in Munich. When he started, he wrote a while ago instagram, “It’s incredible: new job, new city, new flat, Half a year ago I couldn’t even imagine it. But I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life.”

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She has yet to reveal what she is doing in Munich for a living. he made his promise fan However, too soon to tell everything. “But first let’s celebrate,” she added happily.

and what does it look like in Love from the dancer? She doesn’t have any new partners in her life, she revealed. Although she is ready for a new love, dating apps are out of the question for her to find him Mr. Right. but why not? “My cousin was up tinder And I’ve already seen what inquiries you get there and how you get contacted. And I have to say it scares me and I don’t know if it’s right for me.So alone.

Ekta made her acting debut

Even though Ekaterina is currently not in anyone Relation Well, it couldn’t be better for him professionally. In addition to his job in Munich, he got his first series role. She will appear in the new series “Der Schiffsarzt” and how could it be otherwise: she is the epitome of a dancer.

Next to him, Moritz Otto as “Dr. Eric Leonhard”, Anna Puck, Friedrich Brossier, Eva Loser and Philipp Christopher can be seen in “Der Schiffsarzt”.

Ekta told about this new task online: “It’s unbelievable: if someone told me four months ago that I’d be playing in a series soon, I would have replied with a smile:” Yes, well … you can keep dreaming. , This job is fulfilling his childhood dream, he happily told his community.


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