Rekha – The City of the Future is a Spaceship for Nine Million People

Rekha - The City of the Future is a Spaceship for Nine Million People

The most ambitious urban development project in the world is being rolled out all over Saudi Arabia. The first city without CO2 emissions is to be built there.

Nioma has now been introduced to him. There is only one building in the whole city which is 170 km long. It is called The Line and it extends like a futuristic line along the coast. In the middle of the desert, the line looks like a foreign body from space.

Upon the unveiling, Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced that the flagship project would be partially funded by an IPO in two years’ time. The city of the future should attract residents from all over the world. 1.5 million people are expected to live here by 2030 and nine million by 2045. For this, the city must be subject to its own autonomous legal system. The residents would not be subjected to the archaic justice of the state. It can also be assumed that settling in Neom will be tax friendly.

Upon closer inspection, The Line is not as crazy as it first appears. There is also a reason for the futuristic look. In a hostile environment, the building must protect the occupants like a spaceship. It is mirrored on the outside to reduce solar radiation. The height of the exterior of The Line is 500 meters, with modules 200 meters wide in the middle. Compared to a flat horizontal city, The Line takes up very little space.

oasis between the walls

Real life takes place between the outer walls. The purpose of open interior spaces is to provide an environment in which plants thrive and people feel comfortable. Strictly speaking, “The Line” creates its own biosphere and should therefore be a blueprint for urban development on a warming planet. The whole structure takes place without roads and cars. Everyone can reach everything they need in daily life on foot in just five minutes. The line may be served by a type of metro.

While the line looks like an art object with a smooth, closed surface from a bird’s eye view, the modules are structured in different ways and don’t look neat at all. These include swimming trails, swimming lanes, gardens and even a stadium at an altitude of 330 meters.

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