ROYAL NEWS: After Harry announces new plans – William follows him

ROYAL NEWS: After Harry announces new plans - William follows him

William and Harry last met in person on Memorial Day in honor of Diana. Build: WPA Pool / Getty Images

ROYAL-NEWS: Harry’s new plans after it’s revealed – William is now writing a book too

The mood in the British royal family is tense after Harry and Meghan interviewed Harry and Meghan at the so-called Megaxit and Oprah Winfrey. There has been no major reconciliation between Prince Charles and William on the one hand and Harry and Meghan on the other – neither during Prince Philip’s funeral nor the unveiling of Diana’s statue on July 1, according to the people involved. is discussed.

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22 July

1.40 p.m.: What book is William himself planning

A few days ago, Penguin Random House in New York announced that Harry would publish a book in 2022. In it, the prince “will share for the first time a definitive account of the experiences, adventures, losses and lessons that have shaped him”. Moreover, the 36-year-old insisted to himself: “I am writing this not as a prince, as I was born, but as a man I became.” A source said, “us weekly” For: “the royal one Family Surprised by the book.”

Charles and William are particularly concerned about what the Royal will reveal now. This will make her nervous. “They haven’t got a copy yet and don’t know what to do,” the insider said. Shortly after this announcement it is now announced that Harry’s brother is also currently working on a book project.

now that too US-Portal reports, the 39-year-old is pursuing completely different goals and there isn’t life As a royal member, she is more concerned with the environmental challenges that affect us all.

In October the work “Earthshot: How to Save Our Planet” is due to appear in London, on which William eventually co-authored. “We have ten years to turn the tide in the environmental crisis, but we need the best solutions in the world and a common goal – to save our planet,” the booklet said.

21 July

3:10 PM: After book announcement: Piers Morgan fires swiftly at Prince Harry

Moderator Piers Morgan recently hit the headlines as he was after interview Morning magazine on ITV attacked Meghan with Oprah Winfrey. He said at the time, “I’m sorry, I don’t believe a single word of her. If she read me the weather forecast, I wouldn’t even believe her.” She later raised her voice against Harry as the Royals revisited the Royal Family on the “Armchair Expert” podcast and explained why now America Everything is better.

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The 56-year-old now launched the next verbal assault and read “daily MailAbout Harry’s new plans to publish a book of his memoirs in the coming year. In the end, he said, “It’s sad, pathetic and completely unnecessary and it’s clearly even more so for his grandmother.” Will, who is still mourning her husband Philip. To give pain “The 36-year-old will not be interested in this as he will only care about himself.

Morgan sharply criticized the fact that Harry had repeatedly addressed the Royal Family in recent days. He accused them of mercilessly exploiting his royal position to make money commercially.

He summarized Harry’s ambitions as follows: “That we can deduce with certainty from this book that it will not be ‘honest’. It will be Harry’s ‘truth’, much like Meghan’s ‘truth’ from the real regards less. to be true”. He continued: “The couple love to tell us all how kind they are, but they show no compassion for the people who are closest to them in the world.”

21 July

8.43 am: William’s anti-racism statement: what could this have to do with Harry?

After the final of the European Football Championship, some national players on the English team were racially humiliated. Prince William in a game against Italy were live in the stadium, then in a statement online positioned himself outspoken against the racist attacks. However, a few months ago through Meghan and Harry as their family Casteism It was alleged, he was strictly silent.

So could the now clear message be a sign for his brother Harry and his wife Meghan? Royal expert and author of the book “Prince Harry – The Insider Story”, Duncan Larcombe, at least appreciates this in conversation with “Prince Harry – The Insider Story”“One of this kind.

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Although William has always spoken out clearly against racism, his current statement is “really powerful and especially relevant following the allegations by Harry and Meghan about the royal family”, according to Larcombe. He also says:

William and Kate had previously kept “a dignified silence”, but have now “let their deeds speak for themselves”. Whether this statement is also an offer of peace or not is another matter. The author believes: “It’s almost as if they were sending a cryptic message to Harry and Meghan: ‘We’re moving on, we’re still here, we’re not giving up, we’re moving on.’ It’s a message to Harry that life goes on – with or without him.”

20 July

10.45 am: Charles is said to have been surprised by Harry’s plans

White relation Still believed to be tense between Harry and the royals, it has now been announced that the 36-year-old is publishing his memoir. Prince Charles’ youngest son said, “I am writing this not as the prince I was born in, but as I became.” How “page sixIt has now been reported that his father should not have been aware of Harry’s new plans. A palace source told the portal that he was “shocked” by Monday’s announcement.

“Nobody knew,” said another royal insider. When the news was released, “there was chaos,” the source continued. Nevertheless, it is believed that Harry at least informed the Queen about the book.

A spokesperson for the couple told Page Six that they are said to have spoken privately to their family about the recent memoirs. At what point he was and with whom he had conversations is not clear. The spokesman clarified that Harry did not expect Buckingham Palace to get approval for the project.

Another source said, “us weekly“:” The royal family is shocked by the book. “Accordingly, Prince Charles and Prince William are particularly concerned about what Harry will reveal.” He hasn’t received a copy yet and doesn’t know what to expect. This makes them nervous,” said the insider.

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20 July

7.03 pm: Prince Harry is planning his book

Prince Harry wants to publish his memoir – and reveal the most intimate details from his life. New York-based book publisher Penguin Random House announced a surprising amount of book news on Monday. Accordingly, an “intimate and heartfelt memoir of one of the most fascinating and influential global figures of our time” is planned.

According to statements from the Oprah Winfrey interview, the announcement should alert the royal family. Because then Harry announced that he had no real relationship with his father, Charles. His relationship with brother William also soured.

The publisher also published a statement from Harry accompanying the announcement, in which he said:

He’s seen a lot over the years and has slipped into a lot of roles – “And I hope I, I mean history Tell – ups and downs, mistakes, lessons – can show that wherever we come from, we are more alike than we think”.

In his book, Harry wants to talk about his childhood, his life in the spotlight, his time in the military, and his role as Meghan’s husband and father of two children.

The proceeds of the book are to be donated. It is not known whether this also applies to his fee, which according to “Page Six” should be around $20 million. According to the publisher, a publication is planned by the end of 2022.

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