RTL presenter Lola Weipert caught on TV flirting

RTL presenter Lola Weipert caught on TV flirting

Lola Weipert can currently be seen in several formats, such as in “RTL Tower Jumping” here. Over the weekend she participated in the “German Air Balloon Championship”. Image: Imago Images / Imago Images

This photo was a real surprise: Lola Weipert published a snapshot over the weekend, where she can be seen kissing a man sitting on a boat, Thus the RTL presenter confirmed what many had already suspected: she is back in a Relationship, Lola really wanted to keep her love life out of the public eye in the future. She explained her change of heart in her Instagram Story: “I really wanted to keep it a secret, but I can’t help it.”

distribute a user instagram Another explanation for Lola’s posting. Under the couple’s snapshot of Lola and her new friend, she jokingly wrote: “She had to post this now so there wouldn’t be a raging storm with Philip.” But what do Lola Weppert and Philip Pavlovich have in common?

The two can be seen at the RTL event “The German Air Balloon Championship” on Saturday – what else can one say: Lola and Philippe definitely had a lot to do together fun Equality.

The Chemistry Between Lola Weppert And Filip Pavlovich Is Perfect

The principle of the Balloon Championship is quickly explained: Two candidates keep blowing balloons at each other. The balloon was only allowed to hit upwards, not sideways. If the balloon falls, the opponent gets a point. In addition to Lola and Flip, participants included Tim Wiese, Roerich Gislason, Tom Beck, Sabrina Mockenhaupt-Gregor, Pascal Haynes, Elena Miras, Maria Hoffl-Risk, Sarah Engels, David O’Donkor and Kira Walkenhorst.

And especially between the King of the Jungle and the presenter, the chemistry was undoubtedly perfect. In the second game, the two competed and when Lola missed a point, Philip smacked her face and said she needed to focus. Frank Bushman, who commented on the spectacle along with Jan Koppen and Laura Vontora, didn’t miss the point. Here’s how he mentored the two:

In the end, Philip was able to win against Lola and comfortably embraced her after the match. Laura Vontora then joked: “I don’t know if those two distracted each other more or at odds.”

Tim Wiese, Roerich Gislason, Tom Beck, Sabrina Mockenhopt-Gregor, Pascal Haynes, Elena Miras, Philippe Pavlovy?, Lola Weipert, Maria Höfl-Risk, Sarah Engels, David O'Donkor and Kira Walkenhorst were participants. "German Air Balloon Championship",

Participants in “The German Air Balloon Championship” were Tim Wiese, Roerich Gislason, Tom Beck, Sabrina Mockenhaupt-Gregor, Pascal Haynes, Elena Miras, Philipp Pavlovy?, Lola Weipert, Maria Höfl-Risch, Sarah Engels, David Odonkor and Kira Walkenhorst. . ,RTL

And the flirtation continued. Here’s how Philip confidently boasts about Lola: “She’s already made beautiful eyes at me. The way she always threw… I was completely thrown off the table.” In turn, she said of her rival: “I always have to laugh when I see him because he’s a very funny person – sometimes without his will.”

But one thing is clear: nothing is going on between Lola and Philip. The 26-year-old gave his heart to another man. Nevertheless, he still made fun of his little TV flirtation on Instagram. So Lola joked under her couple photo: “Philip and I got married right after the Balloon Championships.” And Philip replied: “I let my hair grow out so that it doesn’t get noticed.”


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