Scandal in “Battle of the Reality Stars” – Iris Klein Says With a Sweat

Scandal in "Battle of the Reality Stars" - Iris Klein Says With a Sweat

This statement was his undoing.

The semifinals at Star Beach – and the first reality stars are already walking on gums. Sleep deprivation exhausted souls sensitive to noise. The otherwise rather lively Elena Miras (30) also longed for a quiet night and complained: “Everyone snored tonight!” The fortune teller Malkiel Reuven Dietrich (39) was concerned that the night bites might also affect the Thai flora: the night was so terrible because the snoring duet between Ronald and Iris is terrible. That there is still a palm tree here!”

And then the production cleaned up the snoring room secretly in fuckin! All the furniture on the beach was cleaned, and it was only possible to get it back by playing the TV carousel game. Of course this went around, so former judge Ronald Schill (63) complained: “I thought breakfast would fly out of my face. I’m feeling sick!”

Sweat scandal about Heinrich

Iris Klein (55) was also disappointed – but not because of the dizzying carousel experience. In the consultation room, she asked for sufficient distance from Schaefer Heinrich (55), but did not express the reason in a particularly charming way: “I don’t like his sweat on my skin so much.”

He reacted shocked to the statement and complained of being seriously hurt: “This statement really affected me and hurt me a lot. Does he think he is better than me?” Elena Miras immediately jumped at him, who was annoyed: “You don’t say that. It’s rude, indecent and disrespectful! Especially not with Henrik. He doesn’t even defend himself. He’s just too cool.”

Shepherd Heinrich – Iris Klein stirs up fuckin with an evil spell against himPhoto: RTLZWEI/Paris Tsitsos

An opportunity for revenge immediately followed: residents were allowed to anonymously cast a coin for the candidate they saw as their greatest rival. This was immediately used as an expression of antagonism, and Elena certainly chose Iris: “because she was angry with Heinrich.”

Very blatant disapproval of Iris Klein - residents were allowed to choose who they saw as their biggest competitor

Very blatant disapproval of Iris Klein – residents were allowed to choose who they saw as their biggest competitorPhoto: RTLZWEI, Bunij Productions Germany RTLZWEI

Meanwhile Schfer Heinrich punished her with an ice-cold defiance and after getting up her “Iris, good morning!” Didn’t even respond to: “I’m ignoring Henrik. No matter what I say, he goes straight to the others and then splinters and slanders.”

Heinrich was again deeply affected: “I am a person who cannot be quarreled with. This goes straight to my heart.” Katzenberger’s mother was not aware of any guilt: “I have been hurt by other people’s feelings.” There is a phobia of body fluids.

Yellies and Paco talk about their future

Is there anything getting serious between the two? After being able to make sure daughter Snow (1) was doing well in a video call with former Yellies Kok (28) Jimmy Blue Ochsenknecht (30), kissing partner Paco Herb (26) was found heavily in the pool. was embraced.

Yellies coke on video call with family - they're glad daughter Snow is doing well

Yellies coke on video call with family – they’re glad daughter Snow is doing wellPhoto: RTLZWEI, Bunij Productions Germany RTLZWEI

Elena Miras then wanted to know more about what was going on between the two: “Do you think this will happen between you?” Paco kept a low profile: “It will be out in a very short time.”

Elena makes plans for the two of them at lightning speed and makes it clear to the Yellies: “You can’t see each other on Sunday. Jimmy’s still with you!”

Paco and Yellies went on a date together at Dream Beach

Paco and Yellies went on a date together at Dream BeachPhoto: RTLZWEI/obs

Paco and Yellies had a lot going on in bed

Paco and Yellies had a lot going on in bedPhoto: RTLZWEI/obs

Thoughts that were already on the mind of the young mother: “I don’t know how Paco and I will continue. But of course it will be strange when I get home. Jimmy is waiting for me with my daughter. Of course I have to give him Gotta tell I’ve met someone here. But here it feels right.”

Iris Klein has to go out

Shortly before the grand finale, it hit him: Iris Klein’s lewd remarks about cowboy Henrik were fatal. Her really good friend Malkiel objected to Heinrich’s congratulations on her missing morning, even calling her a “snapped rosette”.

Iris had to go home with a clear six denomination coins. His conclusion was clear: “If you have such friends, you no longer need enemies.”

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