Russia is deploying “more than 150,000 troops” along the border

Russia is deploying "more than 150,000 troops" along the border

According to the EU Foreign Affairs Representative is Joseph Borrell Russia “More than 150,000 soldiers” on the border Ukraine And annexed is stationed on the Crimean Peninsula. “This is the largest Russian military march on the Ukrainian borders,” Borel said on Monday after consulting with EU foreign ministers. It is “clear the risk of moving forward.”

The European Union does not want to comply with demands for the preparation of new sanctions against Russia. Burrell said that there has been no movement in this direction. Things may have changed, but this was the current situation. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba previously expressed the wish that the European Union would enact additional economic sanctions as part of a step-by-step plan to stop Russia. It was temporarily associated with the EU video conference.

Masus wants a sensible dialogue

Also the federal foreign minister Heeco Mass ()SPD) Expressed concern about the “military march”. It is therefore primarily a case of “preventing unintentional incidents from setting in a spiral motion of military escalation,” he said in Berlin. It is necessary for both parties to have “proper dialogue”.

Manas confirmed the discussion at work level for a possible meeting in Normandy format. This will be a meeting of representatives of Russia and Ukraine, which will be mediated by Germany and France. Whether this will happen is still open, Maas said. This also applies to the level at which such a meeting can take place.

In a conflict with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, which has been going on since 2014, more than 13,000 people were killed. The fighting has escalated again since mid-February, undermining an already weak ceasefire. Moscow And Kiev Blame each other for this.

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