See “Stern TV – How does Germany live?” Now live stream in RTL on RTL+ Online

See "Stern TV - How does Germany live?"  Now live stream in RTL on RTL+ Online


13 January 2022 – 7:30 pm. Watch

RTL + . Stream “Stern TV” with Steffen Hallaschka in RTL Livestream on

Reportage magazine “Stern TV” combines information with entertainment, shows moving fortunes and shakes things up with reports: There are huge differences in living in Germany. Stern TV Spezial shows off how Germany lives, with exciting reports, live switching to German living rooms, interesting studio guests, and an interactive survey tool.

Special “Stern TV – How does Germany live?” Runs on Jan 13th 2022 at 8:15pm RTL. “Stern TV” is also available in parallel with the TV broadcast. rtl live stream Can be viewed on RTL+. Did you miss any point? No problem! Current episodes of “Stern TV” are later available on RTL+. are available in full ready to stream.

“Stern TV” is dedicated to the topics that are currently attracting people

The first program was broadcast on 4 April 1990 – today a fixture on classic German television among TV magazines. Whether politics, entertainment, lifestyle or business – “Stern TV” has always been dedicated to the topics that are currently moving people. Many invited guests also spoke in the studio.

“Stern TV” was operated by Günther Jauch starting in 1990 until January 12, 2011 – on that day he was replaced by Stefan Hallschka, who has since presented Reportage magazine. Steffen Hallaschka previously conducted various consumer and information programs.

“Stern TV” is a production by I&U TV and is broadcast live weekly from a studio in Harth, near Cologne. TV magazine is one of the independent program windows.

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