Serious riots in Rotterdam, police fired

Serious riots in Rotterdam, police fired

Rotterdam – Violent riots broke out in the Dutch city of Rotterdam on Friday evening. Thousands of people protested in the evening against the stringent measures to contain the pandemic. Rotterdam Police said: “Soon after 8 p.m. the demonstration spiraled out of control.” Rescuers were attacked with fireworks, stones, bottles, road signs and barriers. According to media reports, police vehicles were set on fire. Police used water cannons and confirmed that several warning shots had also been fired: “There were injuries in connection with the gunfight.” Late in the evening, rumors surfaced that two men had allegedly been shot. NS Police announced this late in the evening: “We see a lot of questions and also pictures about a man who was shot. How and by whom he was injured is not yet clear.”

A video available for the Berliner Zeitung can be heard as a loud bang breaks out in the middle of the noise, apparently a shot. Then you see a man thrown back two meters as if struck by an invisible blow. He goes to the ground and remains motionless. As more gunfire can be heard, panic ensues. Many people run and carry the person whose leg is bleeding profusely. Then the video stops.

At 11.30 pm the police announced that the situation “is still unresolved. The maximum effort of the police is needed to restore public order as quickly as possible. An emergency ordinance is still in force. Stay away on and around Coolsingel”. There is a main road in the center of

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There were fires at many places in the middle of the city. Police in Rotterdam on Friday evening said fireworks were set off and officers were attacked. A large contingent tries to restore order. Riot police are also used. The station was closed after Dutch Railways announced that train traffic to and from Rotterdam was suspended until further notice due to the riots. There are no replacement buses.

Police confirmed injured in firing

Clearly surprised and outnumbered police initially had to retreat after several officers were slammed to the ground. As local media reported, police overtook several patrol cars, which were then extensively damaged and set ablaze by protesters. In videos currently circulating on Twitter, loud explosions can be heard and several fires and police vehicles can be seen burning. You can also see police vehicles running away from the angry mob after the attack.

Police were gathering, a helicopter was in the air and circling over Rotterdam’s city center – the situation at the site was confusing, it said late in the evening. Initially there was no official information about the exact number of protesters. Observers speak of thousands of people. According to the police, seven have been injured.

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