Singer quits RTL dance show!

Singer quits RTL dance show!


March 30, 2022 – 11:12 pm Watch

week by week Michelle along with Christian Polanki “Let’s Dance” danced in the hearts of fans. But now the dance adventure is over: The singer is leaving the show – for good!

Sports taboo for singer Michelle

This is bad news, complete “let’s Dance”The family shook. Although Michelle loves to dance, she can no longer participate in RTL dance shows. reason: The 50-year-old is suffering from back problems and had to stop due to health reasons. In the coming weeks, sports will be absolutely forbidden for Michelle as ordered by the doctor — and that also means the end of the “Let’s Dance” floor.

Your last dance on the “Let’s Dance” floor: Michelle and Christian Polank perform a seductive rumba dance.

© RTL / Stephen Gregorovius

Caroline Boesback returns to “Let’s Dance”!

While Michelle now has to watch the dance spectacle from the stands, she gets a second chance: Caroline Bosbach Will show 5. after their dance-off in Returning to “Let’s Dance” in 2022 replacing Michelle. He and his dance partner have been training since Wednesday evening (March 30). Valentin Lucin busy in the sixth show “We will represent you appropriately”, Caroline optimistically promises. In the video below, he explains what he and Valentine want from the singer.

At this point we wish Michelle a speedy recovery and every success to Caroline on her unexpected “Let’s Dance” return!

All the “Let’s Dance” highlights in one playlist

Watch “Let’s Dance” 2022 on RTL+ and on RTL TV

RTL shows “Let’s Dance” every Friday night from 8:15 pm. And also, of course, in the live stream on RTL+.

Totally into dance fever? Of course, previous seasons of “Let’s Dance” can also be streamed on RTL+ at any time. (NGU)

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