so many refugees tried to immigrate to poland

so many refugees tried to immigrate to poland

For the past year, Poland recorded a significant increase in border crossing attempts by people who wanted to move from Belarus to the EU country. Even in the new year, the migrants are standing on the border.

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in the ongoing conflict with Belarus throws The European Union authoritarian ruler Alexander Lukashenko Intended to smuggle people into the EU in a targeted manner. The Polish border guard has now published statistics that show a significant increase in security-seeking people: accordingly, registered Poland About 40,000 attempts were made to cross the border with Belarus illegally last year. The exact number was reported as 39,714 on Monday. This is a massive increase from the previous year, in which only 122 attempts were counted.

The number of asylum applications in Poland increased accordingly. According to Polish border guards, about 8,000 people submitted an application last year; There were 2,600 in 2020.

The European Union has accused Belarusian ruler Lukashenko of targeting thousands of Middle East migrants across Poland’s borders, Lithuania And Latvia Smugglers to counteract previous sanctions – and to destabilize the situation in the EU. minsk Denies the allegations.

President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko (archive): Counter-sanctions came into force in Belarus on Saturday. (Source: Alexey Nikolsky / Poole Sputnik Kremlin / AP / DPA)

Lukashenko, considered “Europe’s last dictator”, has insisted several times in retaliation for EU sanctions against Belarus that he will no longer stop anyone from going west. Hundreds of migrants in Belarus will continue to wait in the new year at the border with Poland – with hopes of joining the European Union.

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Many countries are adopting punitive measures

Counter-sanctions were also introduced in Belarus on Saturday in response to EU sanctions America and other states are applicable. From January 1, the import of a large part of goods from the West is prohibited. The food purchase ban affects meat and dairy products, among other things. According to the government in Minsk, this is a response to “discriminatory policies and unfriendly acts done in relation to our country”.

The ban mainly affects food producers in the European Union. You have to face loss of income. According to the Belarusian government, manufacturers from Western states that imposed sanctions against Minsk earned the equivalent of about half a billion euros last year. Belarus is now building its economic ties with the neighboring country. Russia continue with.

The European Union had previously imposed new sanctions against those involved in the smuggling of migrants. as well as the USA, Canada And Great Britain Decided on punitive measures.

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