Son of US President Joe Biden († 46) now in White House – Politics Abroad

Son of US President Joe Biden († 46) now in White House - Politics Abroad

The West Wing lacks the smell of burgers and fries.

Although after Donald Trump (74) left, employees had only five hours to find a room on the second floor in good condition for the Biden family, the White House called in a company that specializes in “deep cleaning” Specialize in a thorough cleaning Joe.

And they managed to get the smell of fast food, which was consumed abundantly in the last Trump days, out of the rooms.

The most visible changes, however, are in the Oval Office, the most important office in the world.

Joe Biden (78) has been in office since Wednesday and, like every American president, sets his own accent. And every change in the feature includes a message.

The most important is right behind her desk: a framed photo of her son, Bue, who died of cancer in 2015, on whose shoulder Biden’s grandson Robert Hunter, then 3 years old.

Joe Biden’s son Bue died of cancer in 2015 at the age of 46. In this photo (second from left) he is carrying his son Robert Hunter (now 14) on his shouldersPhoto: REUTERS

Biden’s daughter Ashley (39) explained on US television what this image meant to her father: “Buu was 46 when he died. Dad is the 46th president. It means something. When the Oval Beawar comes when Dad is in the office. Beawar is always present. “

The day before his inauguration, the world’s most powerful man said in tears to his beloved son: “I regret that he is not here. Because we should present him as President. ”

Not the only stroke of Biden’s fate: He keeps a picture of his first wife, Nilia (30) and his daughter Naomi (omi 10) in his wallet. You were killed in a car accident in 1972.

What makes a pain a better person? To a better politician?

“Yes, absolutely,” his daughter Ashley says, “He feels pity. Genuine compassion. He can feel the pain of others. That’s what makes him special.”

Family photos are new – and the pictures on the wall have also been swapped. Andrew Jackson (US President 1829–1837) is gone. Instead, the Declaration of Independence is now co-authored by Benjamin Franklin.

A statue of Martin Luther King, civil rights activist Rosa Parks, human rights activist Eleanor Roosevelt and Apache artist Alan Howser now stands on the chimney.

All these are above America’s diversity and civil rights movement.

Churchill’s commotion is over. He now has one from John F. Kennedy. The only Catholic American president until Wednesday. Now there are two with Biden.

How did Joe Biden first enter the Oval Office? According to daughter Ashley, there are actually four: gratitude, hope, happiness, and pride.

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