Sons of the Forest release date pushed back to October

Sons of the Forest release date pushed back to October

From Maximilian Hohm ,
Developer studio Endnight Games is currently busy with Sons of the Forest, a follow-up title to the original The Forest. After much deliberation, the developers have now postponed the game for the second time so that it can be released in October. Read more about it below.

The original The Forest is a 2014 horror survival title that was one of the first games to be made possible through crowdfunding via Kickstarter. The first part of the game, with its bugs, was nonetheless accepted because the accompanying developments continually eliminated them, adding players to the title. Sons of the Forest or The Forest 2 was announced in 2019 and was originally scheduled to be released in 2021.

In December 2021, the release was postponed to the end of May 2022 to give the developers more time for their new title, which should take many of the well-known and popular elements from the first part and join them in the context of the story. . , These include item crafting, your own base on an island, and cannibals and mutants. The survival mechanics of the first part have also been taken over and exploring the environment is a primary part of the game.

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Now the developers have published a post in which they admit that they cannot have a May release date without compromising on the quality of the game. So that they don’t have it and so that the title hasn’t been rejected by the press and community due to numerous errors, unlike some AAA games in recent times, the developers have targeted the end of October as the release date. , which gives them more time to adapt. The initial reactions on social media show understanding and many players seem to be adopting this approach. To give priority to unfinished games on the announced date.

Source: Endnight Games

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