“Tageschau” breakdown brings Jens Riva away from concept

"Tageschau" breakdown brings Jens Riva away from concept

When the news came out at 9 o’clock, the technology suddenly failed. Chief spokesman Jens Riva could no longer read the teleprompter and had to prove his talent for improvisation.

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have an unusual greeting Jens Riva ard”Daily News“Wednesday morning started.” Good morning, ladies and gentlemen – a note to the director: the prompter is not working – I welcome you to ‘Tageschau,'” said the 58-year-old who was somewhat stressed at the beginning of the 9 p.m. version. That instrument Which normally opens the text next to the camera, had failed.

Firstly, it clearly derailed Riva. The speaker repeatedly tried to cast his normal gaze at the TV audience, but his eyes were mostly fixed on the sheets of paper at his desk from which to read. “Sorry, I have a problem with this reading machine,” the 58-year-old apologized.

“I signal myself, director”

Reeva caught herself again and after about one and a half minutes read something in front of the camera. “I inspire myself, the director,” he said in the studio. Then he again carried this news till the end of the program without getting upset.

After about five minutes of broadcast, the speaker waved goodbye to the audience in front of the screen, relieved.

The NDR explains the breakdown of “Tageschau”.

As an NDR spokesperson explained, the breakdown was probably the result of human error. When asked by the German press agency, he said, “The teleprompter has to ‘reload’ with the text for the program concerned. It missed this morning.”

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Jens Riva has been with “Tageschau” since the early nineties, and since 1995 he has been speaking the lead version at 8 pm. On December 15, 2020, he succeeded Jan Hofer As the chief spokesperson of the news.

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