Telecom employees suddenly ring the bell without an appointment: Here’s why

Telecom employees suddenly ring the bell without an appointment: Here's why

If alleged craftsmen, service workers or technicians suddenly stand at their doorstep without an appointment and without an appointment, citizens should generally be suspicious – there have often been cases in which fraudsters extort money or money from people in good faith. Wanted to get valuables.

Just like Telecom in a help document writing, presently the group has genuine service technicians who are standing at the doorsteps in the flood-affected areas without any appointments. The subsequent storms and floods also affected telecom infrastructure. This is why employees are currently driving in the affected areas “individually on each road and continually try to troubleshoot failed landline connections,” according to the telco in the press release.

Telecom employees ring the bell unannounced: This is how you expose fraudsters

Telecom employees are currently ringing doorbells without appointments for customers who have suffered flood damage.

Photo: Rainer Jensen / DPA

If the doorbell rings for you and someone introduces themselves as a telecommunications technician, there are three important identifiers by which you can recognize real employees:

  • Telecom sales force always wears special uniforms
  • Employees always have an ID card
  • You can also have pass for the respective field shown

The telco advises affected customers to talk to relevant people about identification features so that fraudsters who want to take advantage of the situation do not have a chance.

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