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In Europe, Tesla’s Autopilot system is less permitted than in the United States anyway, and is now set to be more restricted: According to one report, Tesla has four customers who choose one with EAP or FSD autopilot options. Vehicle providers. Postponement of at least one week. The reason given is that you must first wait for a software update that disables one of the additional functions purchased with the option.

Tasks should be restricted in Tesla option

The blog Drive Tesla Canada reported on Wednesday based on information from one of the affected customers. He himself ordered a Tesla with the EAP option, which should be delivered in the next few days. But now it has been suspended until new software with functional limitations becomes available. He said he learned the same thing from three other customers with EAP or FSD functions according to the report,

The customer was not explicitly told what function it was. However, this February, Bild am Sonntag reported that the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) was investigating European acceptability of an “electronic lane change function” in the autopilot system. This should have meant that Tesla was supposed to have a Lane Change Assistant, which could be used with With option EAP for 3800 EUR or FSD for 7500 EUR can buy. At the time, KBA was in contact with the Dutch authority RDW, which gives Tesla EU-wide type approval for its electric cars.

The press office of KBA could not be reached by telephone for questioning on Wednesday afternoon. If the report is confirmed, the suspension would mean that European regulators, in turn RDW, have concluded that Tesla’s lane change subsidiary violates applicable law. This may be due to the fact that, unlike systems from other manufacturers, it not only changes lanes (unlike in the United States after a driver’s confirmation), but also changes the entire highway when navigating with Autopilot.

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Second autopilot circumcision in Europe

With the announced software update, it should be relatively easy to get rid of this regulatory problem. Even on Teslas that have already been delivered with EAP or FSD, the automatic Autobahn change (or other function that has been declared unacceptable) will probably no longer be available. already at the end of 2019 Tesla limits regular Autopilot system with update And this is justified by the specifications of the United Nations organization responsible for the European Union, UNECE.

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