The Brown Bag Lecture at the University of Cassell: Science as a Breakfast During the Break

The Brown Bag Lecture at the University of Cassell: Science as a Breakfast During the Break

21.10.2021 – 08:31

Casale University

Science in the form of breakfast during the break

In eight brown bag lectures marking the 50th anniversary of Castle University, young researchers from Castle University presented their topics. The series of events takes place every Wednesday at 12 noon, from November to February, in the historic environment of the Foundry House on campus at Hollandeicher Platz.

Food affects the world. For example, because we can use it to reduce or increase our climate footprint. Eva Weingartner from the Department of Environmental and Behavioral Economics researches whether this knowledge influences our decisions: whether we use more sustainably produced or healthier food when looking at others, only for a positive image, of ourselves. To present it in a better light? Weingärtner will present the results of his research on this topic in the Brown Bag lecture.

The idea for the chain of events comes from the United States: there, some scientific institutions also use regular breaks to report information. In an informal setting, there are food and drink, usually packed in brown paper bags. Nicole Raddatz from the Department of Integrated Transportation Planning | Mobility Development Brown Bag lectures with a vision of how smartphones can improve citizen participation in future traffic planning. Marie Resser and Natalie Schneider also want to go out into the world with their scientific results: “We want to create a lecture that is fun to listen to and that reflects how enthusiastic we are about our research topic,” Reser says. happily say. These two young scientists are also concerned with a socially relevant topic: transportation change. More precisely, the question of how local public transport can better handle itself against future pandemics. Other speakers come from theology, university libraries, linguistics and sociology.

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As the name suggests, there are also food items. If you wish, you can pre-purchase brown bags at the Pavilion Café, filled with delicious sandwiches and candies from Stüdrendenwerk. Eva Weingartner, who researches food, sees this phenomenon pattern as important in the exchange between science and the public: “Particularly in the field of nutrition, it is necessary because many people are concerned about the balance of nutrition in our individual climates. underestimate the importance.”

General hygiene and distance rules, which are based on the current rules of the state of Hesse, apply to brown bag lectures. Please inform yourself of the current rules prior to events.

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