Ruby Rose accuses makers of ‘Batwoman’

Ruby Rose accuses makers of 'Batwoman'

Updated October 21, 2021 at 8:10 am.

  • In May 2020, Ruby Rose left “Batwoman” after just one season.
  • On Instagram, she explains the reason for her exit — and makes serious allegations against the series’ creators.
  • Warner Bros. TV responded to the allegations with complaints about Ruby Rose.

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Ruby Rose Hinge Im My 2020 Cape on Her “Batwoman” Nail After Only One Season. now he has In multiple Instagram stories Reported on the reasons for his departure from the series – and made serious allegations against broadcaster The CW, Warner Bros. TV and production company Berlanti Productions.

“It’s done, I’ll tell the whole world what really happened on the set,” she begins her statement, in which she then accuses the producers of, among other things, not healing an injury long enough. Despite being able to do so, the shooting continued despite the coronavirus pandemic and his complaints about his co-star Dougre Scott were not taken seriously. “I wouldn’t go back to the show for any money in the world,” she concludes.

Warner Bros.TV responds to complaints about Ruby Rose’s “behavior in the workplace”

Warner Bros. TV has already responded to the allegations, stating that Ruby Rose had to leave the series due to an internal investigation into “multiple complaints about workplace behavior” against the actress. Therefore further cooperation was rejected. Such investigations have been rumored for a long time, but have yet to be officially confirmed.

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Rose had previously only secretly commented on his departure. In May 2020, Rose wrote of an Instagram video that shows her as Kate Kane aka Batwoman in various scenes: “It wasn’t an easy decision, but everyone who knows knows why. ,” was a vague phrase. “I kept quiet because that was my decision till now.”

Rose repeatedly emphasized how important the series and her role in “Batwoman” were to her. The title role is the first gay superhero to have its own series, which was cast by a lesbian actress in the person of Rose.
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