The ClearurLs browser extension is no longer available in the Chrome Web Store

The ClearurLs browser extension is no longer available in the Chrome Web Store

ClearurLs removes tracking elements from the URL. The extension was previously available for Firefox and Chrome. Now Google has apparently dumped them from the Chrome Web Store. Searching for this leads to an error message.

The developer of ClearurLs, Kevin Robert, is Portal BleepingComputer He said he believed his app had so many users that it became unpopular with Google. Eventually, Google makes a living from tracking. URLs often contain many elements specifically used for tracking.

The official reason given by Google Roebert was that the explanation of the detail was too detailed and did not follow the guidelines of Chrome Web Store. “Naming all developers and translators included in ClearurLs violates Google’s rules because it can confuse users.” In addition, Google complains that the announcement does not reference functions such as logging and a misleading donation button as well as the need for ClipboardWrite access.

It is to be discussed in many forums whether a complaint about problems is indeed objectionable and may be a sufficient reason for removal. Or whether Google can actually understand future problems in relatively small detail and is therefore taking action against them.

Either way, Google is working to change its tracking habits. First, all third-party cookies must disappear. Instead, Google wants interest groups to be created locally in the browser, in which the appropriate advertisement is then displayed. However, this method, named Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), has been criticized because, among other things, it is not yet clear what Google still finds out about individual users through browsers and first party cookies. Can.

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