The Masked Singer: The Axolotl is out

The Masked Singer: The Axolotl is out

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“The Masked Singer”: The Axolotl is out

Two masks will be revealed in the semi-finals of “The Masked Singer”. For a few moments it has been clear: Axolotl must reveal its true identity. This was decided by the audience in the ProSieben app. Live on ProSieben and Joyon it is now revealed which star is hidden under the mask.

So far, comedian Anke Engel has been at the forefront of fan speculation. Could this be true? Or is the advice team right with their tips? You will know in a moment.

Teddy was unveiled a while back. behind Annemarie Karpendel was in a mask,

ruth moschner Might be happy with the advice team! He had exposed it before the unveiling of Axolotl, when he suspected actress Andrea Savatsky was under the mask. In fact, she is a 58-year-old actress who emerges in unmasking.

Ruth’s RateTeam Colleagues ree garvey And Jocko Winterscheidt, on the other hand, was quite wrong in his speculations. while read Martina Hill Joko Winterschiedt guessed comedian Elton before the unveiling of Axolotl.

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