Even with the Competition – Peter Maffee Causes Tears

Even with the Competition - Peter Maffee Causes Tears

Peter Mafe is already proving he’s in good hands with “The Voice.”Image: ProSiebenSAT.1 / Andre Kowalski

A new season of “The Voice” begins Thursday evening with a special premiere: Peter Maffee is the first time coach this year and should inspire all age groups in front of television. In the very beginning, he succeeds with an effortless appearance that moves even a 72-year-old contestant to tears.

“The Voice”: Peter Mafe meets a fan

Among others, 22-year-old Julian Pfortner tried to win over the coaches (in addition to Mafe, there are Mark Forster, Ree Garvey and Stephanie Klose). He brought his grandfather with him as support, who kept his fingers on him backstage – and has been a big fan of Peter Maffee for many years. “I think my grandfather is more excited than me,” revealed Pratibha.

It seems that Julian is also closely related to music by Peter Mafe, because in the past his grandfather often sang “Nesaja” with him. “I also get very emotional when it comes to lyrics. It’s wonderful that Peter Maffee is there,” said the young singer. Ed Sheeran Best given and was able to convince the coaches. Everyone rang the buzzer to get Julian on their team.

Ironically, after the performance even Peter Maffe got excited and decided: “I’ve had many interesting encounters in 50 years of music. You’re the latest one that really excites me. JOIN MY TEAM!” So the decision was practically made, Julian actually complied with the “Tabaluga” producer’s request and will now try his luck in the Mafe team.

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Fabulous Emotions at the Beginning of Mafe’s “The Voice”

However, prior to his commitment, the candidate insisted on singing “Nesaja” – and Peter Maffee immediately jumped on it. Such a heart touching couple formed, seeing which the people present in the studio brought tears to their eyes. culmination: Julian’s grandfather also came on stage to join.

Peter Mafe joined "Sound" Against Stephanie Kloss, Mark Forster and Ree Garvey.  So far he is doing well.

Peter Maffee competes against Stephanie Chloe, Mark Forster and Ree Garvey in “The Voice”. So far he is doing well.Image: ProSieben/sat.1/Andre Kowalski

At this point, Stephanie Chloe, who is actually a contestant on the show Sorry, couldn’t hold back her feelings. “I have to cry,” was all she could say.

In the run-up, there were some doubts whether Mafe would fit the format or that its target group might pick it up. But should have given the correct answers in the first episode with him.


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