“The Perfect Dinner”: Martin Cooks “Like a Star Restaurant” – is stingy with only one score

"The Perfect Dinner": Martin Cooks "Like a Star Restaurant" - is stingy with only one score

In Korb, near Stuttgart, the general manager Martin is still a little tired from the first evening on “The Perfect Dinner” (VOX). It doesn’t stand in the way of the perfectionism of an ex-hotel manager and ex-restaurant manager on a cruise ship. He regularly checks the checklist for his menu point:

  • Appetizer: “Jacob Sisters and Little Prawn Brother” – Seared Scallops / Prawn Praline / Beet Tartare / Peas / Miso Nege
  • Main Course: “Born to Be Wild” – Venison 54° Saddle with Herb Crust / Pumpkin Puree / Port Wine Pear / Herb Mushroom
  • Dessert: “Velvet Chocolate” – Lava Cake / Pistachio Ice Cream / Mango / Shiso

“I just like to experiment,” explains Martin Extraordinary Compilation. When looking at the menu, Michael (29) flattens: “It reads like a star restaurant.” Due to Martin’s gastro background, everyone expects perfection in presentation and time management. Geraldine (49) correctly assessed him: “Martin has very high standards for himself.” Can his dinner do it justice?

The exciting thing about Day 1 of “The Perfect Dinner” is the question: Who are the others? Opening Hostess Geraldine didn’t expect this line-up. Here’s how the evening went!

Kai-Uwe Is Not Impressed: “Should Taste Good And Fill You Up”

Kai-uwe (47) looking forward to new culinary recipes: “I think at Martin’s I’ll find something on my plate that I’ve never had in my mouth.” Still, he doesn’t let himself be distracted by the frills: “First and foremost, it has to taste good and fill you up.” The lava cake no longer surprises the critical gourmet: “He really has to pull out a hat so I’m impressed.” Scallops aren’t her thing either: “The consistency like window putty and if they’re seasoned badly, they taste off too.”

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Unanimous opinion on starter: “It looks great.” But it is a matter of taste. Geraldine would score 10: “It was a blast, Taste.” Kai-Uwe: “Technically flawless, impressive. But taste wasn’t my thing at all.”

For Nikolai, sweets are “cinema for the senses”.

Martin cooks venison’s saddle in the sous-vide tank. Kai-Uwe: “I’m not a fan of vacuum cooking, but the result on the plate reassured me.” He admits without envy: “The main course was impressive, that can’t be beat, perfect.”

From starter to dessert, Nikolai (51) is in seventh gourmet heaven: “cinema for the senses.” Geraldine loves homemade pistachio ice cream: “A flavor explosion again.” Only Kai-uwe is not picked up by a pleasure taxi: “Pistachio ice cream was not my thing.”

Michael thinks the star kitchen in the living room is “real”

“If you book star cuisine, the result will be star cuisine,” congratulates Nikolai Martin on the successful dinner. Michael’s high hopes were met: “Suddenly achieving the level you’re more used to in a gourmet restaurant in a living room is very, very real.” Martin currently leads with 37 points.

Kai-Uwe gives the lowest rating with 8 points. On the third day he has to prove that he can do better. He still spits loudly: “I know what I can do.”

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