This error cripples the laptop

This error cripples the laptop

If you turn off your laptop after work or put your PC into sleep mode, you often run into problems. However, the solution to these problems is quite simple.

RAM is well equipped. A fast SSD is on board. And yet, is the endurance test on the computer? If on Windows 10– The computer no longer works or everything moves slowly with a delay of seconds or minutes, a restart often helps, reports the expert magazine “c’t”. However, do not confuse restart with sleep mode. Because, according to experts, it is not enough to fix possible problems.

Background: All programs are shut down upon shutdown, the operating system itself is running Windows 8 But only to sleep, but not completely finished. According to the information, this leads to the fact that The windows 10 only restarts once a month – the so-called patch day on which Windows its Software-Dveryvery of updates.

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Deleting the program may also help

Another easy way to get Windows working again is to uninstall any program. With a little luck, software that slows down the computer can be included. According to experts, the virus scanner is often responsible for the slow speed. You should disable it as a test. If everything still runs fast, you can uninstall it safely.

Because Windows then automatically installs the operating system’s own antivirus program defender. Meanwhile, it can not only maintain competition in terms of security, but also operate with significantly less interference. In the AV-test test, Windows Defender also scored full marks for the first time. over at Read here.

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“No” experts certainly advise against programs that promise to make computers faster: they have proven to be of no use.

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