This is why CNN suddenly raves about Amaru Island

CNN is always about the important news of the world. Wars in the Middle East, scandals over the politics of Donald Trump or the famous “Magic Wall” are at the core of American news channels. Now, however, CNN has shifted its focus to the tiny North Sea island of Amram. what happened there?

“White sand dunes”, “beautiful Frisian village” and “the widest beach in Europe” – Amaram also tells CNN’s editorial team about it. The “wide, romantic sandy beaches on popular islands like Sylt and Rügen” are also beautiful, but Amaram tops these spots.

CNN praises Amarum’s “white sand dunes”

According to CNN, this is due to the calm and seclusion of the small, 2300-resident North Sea island. It is said that the holiday on the nectar is especially recommended in July. The background is an action taken by the US broadcaster’s traveling editorial team. A beach is presented for each week of the year.

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Beach travel covers all continents and includes not only Amram but also famous and popular destinations like Bondi Beach in Australia or the city beach of Barcelona. CNN writes, “There’s a point on every beach where you find yourself in a moment that you want to be with forever.”

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Incidentally, this isn’t the first time CNN has spoken about Amram and the island’s coastline. Four years ago, the canal listed the Niepsand as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Germany.

Incidentally, there was also a good old friend from Hamburg – Elbe Beach. “Perfect place to see many ships […], in front of a backdrop of giant cranes and docks on the South Shore – and your feet in all the hot sand and a cold beer in your hand,” CNN said at the time.

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