Till Lindemann as Karl Lagerfeld: Rammstein Singer Feeds Plant Burgers for Vegetarians

Till Lindemann as Karl Lagerfeld: Rammstein Singer Feeds Plant Burgers for Vegetarians

There are many New Year’s surprises in this picture!

Do we see the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld († 2019) with a burger? Lagerfeld paid close attention to his healthy diet – an unimaginable combination.

But as the real Lagerfeld is about, the burger on the plate isn’t heart attack junk food. Lagerfeld is embodied by Rammstein singer Till Lindemann (58) – and he’s eating a meatless burger full of joy for the second time.

In a video published on New Year’s Eve, German vegetarian manufacturer Likemeat advertises its product – and for vegans – (Vegan January), which aims to raise awareness of plant-based nutrition.

Lindemann is part of the Like Meat campaign for vegetarians for the second timePhoto: Like Meat

Lindemann sits like Lagerfeld with black leather gloves, thick sunglasses and a gray mane tied in a ponytail—in the flash of a flashlight at a fashion show and watching models feeding on burgers at his catwalk show. Gestures and facial expressions are also correct. But there are small, telltale details: nose piercings and tattooed fingers highlight the disguise.

Earlier last year, meat fan Lindemann took part in a LikeMeet campaign for veganism and announced after her meal: “I’m up to Lindemann and I just ate a vegetable burger.” He was wearing his disguise at the time which reminds Pop. Artist Andy Warhol.

Veganuary is designed to encourage people to take to a plant-based diet during the first month of the new year. Participants should eat healthy, protect the environment and contribute to animal welfare.

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