Tracker Detect: Apple makes it possible to track third-party AirTags on Android

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Even at the beginning of Apple’s AirTags, there were concerns that their location localization function could be misused too easily. So Apple has implemented a function under iOS that warns iPhone users if third-party AirTags are around them. An app for Android now enables it on third-party OSes as well.

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Airtags Aren’t Just For Good Reasons

Airtags are actually intended to be attached to a rucksack or a bunch of keys so that they can be found again if lost, but there have been increasing reports in recent weeks that, among other things, car thieves are using the location. Airtags are by adding an AirTag to expensive vehicles during the day so that it can be tracked and stolen from the owner’s home at night. So iPhone owners receive a notification when someone else’s AirTag or another tracker connected to the company’s Find-My network follows them in places, such as their own home or work, which could indicate that a stranger is unwanted. way of recording its activities.

tracker detect for android

Such a possibility was missing for Android, which Apple now does with Android apps. find tracker Change. With the app, Android users can search for trackers in the immediate vicinity in Find My Network that aren’t currently connected to their owners – that is, those potentially lost or about to track others. Unlike iOS, Android users have to search for trackers manually if they think someone is unintentionally with them. The localized airtag can then be detected by playing a sound. Apple also explains in the app how to render a found AirTag harmless so that the owner can no longer use it for an inappropriate location.

Airtags enable precise location

With Apple’s AirTag, non-traceable objects can be integrated into Apple’s Find My Network. Bluetooth trackers also use the U1 chip, which Apple introduced with the iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 6, to be able to detect not only the proximity of an object, but its precise position when the device is in use. (exact search) is also used. Used for location with U1 chip. With devices without the U1 chip, an AirTag within range can output an audio signal so that it can be localized.

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