Unhealthy nutrition puts stress on the psyche – especially in women – Healing Practice

Unhealthy nutrition puts stress on the psyche - especially in women - Healing Practice

Women’s mental health more closely related to nutritional factors

Eating habits and exercise behavior have a significant impact on psychological well-being, but apparently to a very different extent in men and women. A recent study found that women’s mental health is more strongly linked to nutritional factors than men.

A research team from Binghamton University (USA) examined the relationship between diet, exercise and mental disorders in men and women and found surprising gender-specific differences. An unhealthy diet, for example, affects the psyche of women more than men. The results of the related study were published in the specialist journal “Journal of Personalized Medicine“.

Diet, exercise and mood

In previous studies, Lena Begdache of Binghamton University had already found evidence that good quality nutrition can improve mental health. With Cara M. Patrici, she has therefore examined the relationship between diet, exercise, and psychological well-being in men and women aged 30 years or older.

The researchers analyzed different dietary patterns related to the consumption of certain food groups associated with mental disorders in men and women, as well as the frequency of physical activity and mental well-being.

Healthy nutrition strengthens the mind

“We found a general association between healthy eating, healthy eating practices, exercise, and mental well-being,” reports Lina Begdache. It supports the concept of adjusting dietary and lifestyle factors to improve mental health.

Mental health consequences of unhealthy diet

Interestingly, the researchers also found that “along with unhealthy eating patterns, women had higher levels of psychological distress than men, confirming that women are more prone to unhealthy diets than men.” ” Women are more strongly associated with nutritional factors. Male.

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“Fast food, skipping breakfast, caffeine and high glycemic (HG) foods are all associated with psychological stress in women,” Begdache says. Meanwhile, fruits and dark green leafy vegetables, for example, are associated with psychological well-being.

movement with balancing effect

Another important finding of the study is that “exercise significantly reduces the negative association of high-glycemic foods and fast food with psychological stress,” the study authors continue. The research provided important insights for optimizing nutrition plans to promote physical activity and improve mental well-being. (FP)

Author and source information

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