US carmaker in Brandenburg: Tesla’s battery factory plans are solid

US carmaker in Brandenburg: Tesla's battery factory plans are solid

US automaker in Brandenburg
Tesla’s battery factory plans are going solid

US electric car maker Tesla is making its plans for a battery factory in Grunheide and submitting an application to the office of responsibility. It is not yet clarified whether the public will be involved in the project again.

American carmaker Tesla also wants to build a battery factory in Brandenburg and has therefore submitted an application for approval to build a car factory in Grunheide. This was announced by the State Office for the Environment. In the next few days, it will be decided whether to include the public again or not. There were a lot of critics on the scene in the final discussion of the project in autumn, questions continue to be answered.

Originally, Tesla wanted to start production in Grunheide in the summer. Company boss Elon Musk recently refrained from doing so when he visited the construction site in May: “Currently it looks like we’ll be able to start construction at the end of the year.”

As of now, the world’s largest electric car maker, which is building its first plant in Grünheide in Europe, is only building on a temporary building permit basis. Nevertheless, the construction is already well advanced. In April, Tesla announced that it would now also include the battery production facility in the permit application. The state office for the environment said rescheduling during the process is not unusual. In addition to the production of battery cells, applications include the expansion of the press shop, while the body shop is to be reduced to a production line. In addition, various measures to reduce water consumption were included in the application, which was criticized time and again.

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