Vaccination centers in Lower Franconia are ready for more vaccinations

Vaccination centers in Lower Franconia are ready for more vaccinations

Vaccination centers in Lower Franconia have been reduced. They are now preparing for the vaccine delivery that has been promised for the coming week. Johannes Hardeneke, a spokesman for the government of Lower Franconia, explains that details about what and what was being distributed daily when asked by BR: “We still believe that the distribution will increase significantly and the vaccination center will There will be a need to open even more vaccination lines.

Würzburg region: less than 19,000 people have been vaccinated so far

In early December 2020 – before the start of vaccination – 2,000 vaccinations per day were planned for two vaccination centers in the city and district of Würzburg. Currently, only 5,000 vaccine doses can be administered per week due to a vaccine deficiency. By vaccination centers and mobile teams (as of February 24, 21), 18,387 people out of about 15,000 have been vaccinated with the BioNech vaccine so far. Should more vaccines be delivered soon, the staff at the Wurzburg vaccination center in Tallavera will have to be rehomed.

Originally 17 decentralized vaccination lines were planned in the Würzburg district. These are not currently used, but are in preparation. Mobile vaccination teams are still in use and currently fully used, confirms Michael Druce, administrative manager of vaccination centers in the city and Wurzburg district. Should more vaccines become available from the manufacturer AstraZeneca, then vaccination may also occur in the practices of general practitioners. This vaccine is easy to store, emphasizes the medical coordinator of vaccination centers in the city of Wuerneburg district, and Drs. Christian Xander: “We are in talks with our general practitioner coordinator, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Bavaria (KVB) and the Ministry of Health. However, you have to keep in mind that data has to be transferred to the Bavarian system. Not yet established and documentation is time consuming. Practice staff cannot currently do so. “Furthermore, according to Zander, the practice still lacks the legal basis for vaccination.

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Aschaffenberg Region: More Vaccination Locations May Open

In the city and district of Aschaffenburg, there are currently about 4,500 vaccinations per week. So far, about 5 percent of the population in the Aschaffenberg region has been vaccinated, that is, about 17,000 people. The Aschaffenberg Health Department has not yet made any specific promise regarding large vaccine deliveries. Nevertheless, there are also preliminary ideas to open further vaccination sites. There are various options in the room: for example in the Aschaffenberger Stadthal or the hall in Kahl am Main or in the Algenau district of Horgstein. Vaccination carried out in the practice of general practitioners is desirable. You cannot decide independently, a spokesman for the Aschaffenburg Health Department said. A regulation of the Bavarian state government is required.

Miltenberg District: Vaccination capacity should increase nearly four times

The vaccination rate is 4.2 percent in the Miltenberg district, where about 8,000 people were vaccinated. According to the Department of Health, the vaccination rate has steadily increased: two weeks ago, 80 vaccinations were given per day, compared to 140 last week. Today (24 February) 264 people were vaccinated. The vaccination center in Miltenberg is currently designed for 300 vaccinations per day, it will be expanded to a capacity of 1,100 people over the next few weeks. To ensure the simplest possible procedure, the city is still looking for parking spots around the vaccination center. If vaccine deliveries continue to grow, they will remain in Miltenberg “for logistical reasons” because it is easier to expand the center there, said Jens Scharf, district administrator of Miltonburg. General practitioners are certainly an option: “General practitioners scratch their hooves and prepare to participate in vaccination.”

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Schweinfurt area: decentralized vaccination stations planned

About 10,000 people in the city and district of Schweinfurt have been vaccinated so far. In early February, mobile vaccination teams vaccinated all residents in the Schweinfurt area at retirement and nursing homes. Since then, more than 80 seniors who do not live in a senior facility have also been vaccinated. The city and district general immunization center at Schweinfurt Volksfestplatz has been operational since mid-December 2020, but did not begin regular operations until 15 February. According to the city, earlier inauguration of the vaccination center was not possible – due to lack of vaccine delivery. 1,000 people registering online received an invitation to vaccinate.

“From April 2021 we expect Andreas Lausch, the press spokesperson for the Schnaffert District Office, to say,” We now have more stable vaccine deliveries than this – and much larger amounts than we do now. “Therefore, vaccination capacity should be increased along decentralized vaccination lines. As a first step, a decentralized vaccination center will be established in Gerolzhofen from March. As a result, Gerolzhofen administrative community populations should also be vaccinated at this vaccination center. An immunization at Schwenfurt would then be excluded, hence Loesch.

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