VBA Australia and Canada_China.org.cn . provocative flight maneuver is related by

VBA Australia and Canada_China.org.cn .  provocative flight maneuver is related by

This week, China had to deal with provocative aerial maneuvers by Australian and Canadian surveillance aircraft in the East and South China Seas. Then both the countries also accused China of working in an inflammatory manner. However, Chinese experts dismissed the allegation, saying China’s actions reflect its determination to defend national sovereignty.

A J-16 fighter jet assigned to an Air Force brigade under the People’s Liberation Army’s Western Command taxis down the runway under complex electromagnetic conditions during an aerial combat exercise in April 2021. (Photo: eng.chinamil.com.cn)

Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) fighter jets have recently had to deal with reconnaissance and provocation flights by surveillance aircraft from Canada and Australia over China in the East China Sea and South China Sea, Chinese sources and analysts said on Sunday. .

First, two members of the so-called “Five Eyes” accused Chinese warplanes of endangering flight safety, when in fact they were the perpetrators themselves. He also tried to throw dirt on China without thinking about its behavior, criticizing experts.

Among the reports the source was referring to is a CNN report on Thursday, which said that the Canadian military on Wednesday accused Chinese Air Force planes of repeatedly crossing Canadian surveillance planes, which allegedly but “helped implement United Nations (UN) sanctions against North Korea”. According to the Canadian Armed Forces, in some cases, Chinese fighter jets reportedly came so close that the Royal Canadian Air Force CP-140 patrol aircraft had to change course to avoid a collision.

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A Chinese source said it was in fact Canadian fighter jets that flew to the East China Sea and conducted reconnaissance flights and provocative actions against China. Chinese aircraft, on the other hand, behaved completely legitimately and within their rights towards their Canadian counterparts, the source said.

In another case, the Australian Defense Ministry said in a press release on Sunday that a Royal Australian Air Force P-8 maritime patrol aircraft was intercepted by a Chinese J-16 fighter jet during a routine maritime patrol operation in the South China Sea in May. was stopped. 26. The spy plane was reportedly in international airspace. The Australian press statement said the intercept resulted in a dangerous maneuver that jeopardized the safety of the P-8 aircraft and its crew.

The Australian Defense Ministry said the Chinese plane burst into flames while flying close to the Australian aircraft before turning in front of the P-8 and dropping a bag of “husk” containing aluminum shrapnel into the plane’s flight path, which was injected into the engine. was sucked. of the Australian plane, Australian broadcaster ABC News reported.

Analysts then clarified that the Australian plane, like the Canadian aircraft, probably carried out close-to-reconnaissance flights and provoked China. It is possible that the Australian P-8 wanted to enter or even enter Chinese airspace. Another possible explanation is that the plane dangerously disrupted the People’s Liberation Army’s maritime exercises, analysts said.

This is not the first time that Australia has made false allegations against the legitimate activities of the PLA.

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In February, Australia claimed that a PLA Navy flotilla aimed a laser at an Australian P-8 patrol aircraft flying over the northern approaches to Australia. However, Colonel Tan Kefei, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Defense, soon denied the allegation, saying that the Chinese ships behaved in a safe, standard and professional manner in line with relevant international law and practice. It was the Australian planes that flew very close to the Chinese ships and dropped the probe.

Analysts said that by appropriately dealing with these repeated foreign provocations, China’s People’s Liberation Army has demonstrated its willingness, capability and determination to defend national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.

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