Vishal Cinemas Released: Director Unveils Details About “Heat 2” Entertainment

Vishal Cinemas Released: Director Unveils Details About "Heat 2"  Entertainment

good vs evil. Al Pacino vs Robert De Niro. Extra class giant cinema.

In the cult film “Heat”, two acting talents first appeared in front of the camera in one scene together. Now Michael Mann, who wrote and directed the screenplay in 1995, has confirmed: “Heat 2” is in the works!

On the WTF podcast he revealed that his new script is already being filmed. “I can’t talk about it, but yeah,” said the 79-year-old. The sequel should play out at different time levels, lighting up the events six to seven years before and after the action of the first part. Filmmaker: “I’ve always wanted to trace the early lives of these people.”

“Heat 2” without De Niro and Pacino

Too old for the second part of the action hit: Screen legends Robert De Niro (left) and Al Pacino

Photo: Pic Alliance / Richard Shotava

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But action fans will have to be strong, because “Heat 2” would have to do without the legendary duo. Al Pacino (82) and Robert De Niro (78) are now too old for the lead roles of Vincent Hanna and Neil McCauley, to whom Michael Mann says: “I love them!” Val Kilmer (62) is also not part of the Be Party.

It’s still unclear when “Heat 2” will end and hit theaters. It has been speculated that Timothée Chalamet (26, known by “Dune”) may have played a major role. Al Pacino had brought the young star into the conversation. The plot of the film follows the book of the same name by Michael Mann, which will be released in Germany in August.

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The so-called dinner scene in “Heat” is legendary. Mann had already revealed in 2016 that the Hollywood giant had never rehearsed the iconic shot. Director: “We decided we would discuss it briefly and then save it in case the scene was shot. That was probably the only take where we did it.” The idea to do the scene spontaneously came from De Niro.

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