Vitamin D deficiency in over 230,000 people in Lower Saxony and Bremen – Cellar Press

Vitamin D deficiency in over 230,000 people in Lower Saxony and Bremen - Cellar Press

Hanover / Sail. Many people in Germany are deficient in vitamin D, especially in the winter months. According to an evaluation by Barmer, approximately 218,000 people in Lower Saxony and about 13,000 in Bremen receive medical treatment for vitamin D deficiency each year. It accounts for about 2.7 percent of the population in Lower Saxony and 2.4 percent in Bremen. Men and women are affected differently: in Lower Saxony it was 1.7 percent of men (Bremen 1.5) and 3.7 percent of women (Bremen 3.2). Vitamin D is important for bones and other metabolic processes in the body.

Vitamin D deficiency is usually caused by a one-sided diet or an increased need for nutrients in certain life or age situations. “We can produce vitamin D ourselves by exposure to the sun. However, if you don’t go out often during the dark months of the year, your body may not have enough vitamin D at times,” says Heike Sander, state manager for Barmer in Lower Saxony and Bremen.

Recognize Nutrient Deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies usually do not make themselves felt or only through general complaints such as fatigue or a high susceptibility to infection. “Someone who often feels weak doesn’t directly associate it with nutrient deficiencies. For example, vitamin D deficiency often manifests itself only through fatigue and depressive moods,” says Sander. Self-prescription with nutritional supplements is not advised. People who suspect they are suffering from nutritional deficiencies should consult a doctor – and of course try to eat a balanced diet.

malnutrition in old age

“In Germany, older people belong to the risk group of nutrient deficiencies. They are particularly deficient in vitamin B12 and vitamin D,” emphasizes Sander. Not every elderly or elderly person suffers from nutritional deficiency However, many people lose their healthy sense of hunger, hunger, and thirst in old age. In addition, with increasing age there is often a need to take more medications, which can affect the absorption of nutrients. There may also be an underlying disease can have a negative effect on the supply of nutrients.

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