VW in Kassel/Bountal – Confusion about temporary worker jobs

VW in Kassel/Bountal: confusion about temporary worker jobs

Protest in front of the factory gate: Jens Reinhardt (left) and Esref Yilmaz recently drew attention to the condition of temporary workers at the VW site in Bountal.

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By the end of the month, hundreds of temporary workers have to leave the VW plant in Bountal’s Castle. Despite this, the search is on for new employees. How does it fit together?

Kassel/Bountal – 570 temporary workers have to leave the VW plant at Bountal’s Castle at the end of the month. Some recently protested in front of the factory gate against his dismissal by VW temp agency Autovision. Renewed tenders from Autovision for new temporary worker jobs at the Bountal site are causing confusion among those affected. In a letter to our newspaper, one of the dismissed people asked how it could be that the registration of 570 employees has been canceled and at the same time new employees are being sought in the temporary employment agency.

The circulating job advertisements run from February 3 to March 31. Autovision states in writing: “The job advertisements mentioned pertain to a small number of temporary positions at a Volkswagen subsidiary. Assignments will begin in February and last for one month.” Against this background, it was “unfortunately not possible to consider the collaborators” who were made redundant by temporary work and assigned to the VW plant at Kassel in Bountal. And: “Basically, we’re always in touch with affected employees to find possible alternatives.”

VW plant at Castle in Bountal: supply bottleneck must be eased

According to reports, the Original Parts Logistics (OTLG) in Bountal is in need of temporary workers on short notice. Autovision does not confirm this upon request. Current reports from Opel in Russellsheim give hope that things may turn up again at VW and new job opportunities will arise. Opel parent company Stelantis is already looking for hundreds of temporary workers there to produce the new Astra, despite a worldwide shortage of semiconductors.

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According to rumours at the VW plant in Bountal’s Kassel, the bottleneck in the supply of electronic chips to Volkswagen will soon subside. The company has not yet issued an official statement on this. Bountal’s head of works council, Carsten Batzold, says only in his internal VW podcast that all areas of the plant are being put to the test again. “We scrutinize existing personnel evaluations in all areas,” says Carsten Batzold in the podcast. “We are investigating whether the volume can be managed with the remaining staff as well.”

When asked by HNA, however, Batzold did not confirm rumors that a potential improvement in the semiconductor situation could result in opportunities for at least some temporary workers. (by Sven Kuhling)

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