Wendler’s wife cannot be recognized! What’s wrong with Laura Muller’s face?

Wendler's wife cannot be recognized!  What's wrong with Laura Muller's face?

Is that a cartoon character? Or did someone move their mouse in Photoshop? In any case, it’s a face that doesn’t seem entirely natural reaching up to a cell phone camera. It’s hard to believe, Laura Mueller! Yes, Wendler, the wife of an absolutely insane conspiracy. She posted herself in an Instagram story.

Only: Why? Does she find the XXL rubber boot lip hot? It may also be that dear Laura no longer wishes to be identified as the Wendler-Shatzie in the future: new face, new life. But it’s highly unlikely: Her Instagram profile is filled with couple snapshots from beautiful Florida, where she lives in Germany with deeply indebted and deeply fallen Mitchie.

Laura Muller shows herself with XXL lips on Instagram

Did the 21-year-old allow herself to be bored, injected and cushioned? After all, she has plenty of sunshine in Florida, but hardly any friends. Except for her husband, who is almost 30 years older than her – who has fixed her olfactory bulb on her own.

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But let’s hope Laura’s polished face is due for a plethora of glam filters. Anyway, she uses the look to advertise beauty products. After all, months later, he is again in full discussion about the look. But will the beauty advertising message be so well received…?

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