Windows 11: Folders and shortcuts can be dragged to the taskbar

Windows 11: Folders and shortcuts can be dragged to the taskbar

Microsoft has its own upcoming operating system windows 11 Equipped with a new taskbar. Until now it was not possible to drag a folder or shortcut directly to the taskbar. Microsoft listened to user feedback and reinstalled the feature.

It comes from an animation published by Twitter user NTAuthority. Clips shows a folder on the desktop that is imported into an open program. All you have to do is drag the icon to the corresponding symbol in the system tray. Then the window with the application opens so that the user can choose where the directory should go. The video shows how to move a folder in Registry Editor using the function.

Features included in Windows 10

Anyone who uses the current Redmond operating system should already be familiar with this feature. Microsoft already had the option to drag and drop folders into apps listed in the taskbar Windows 10 built-in. Since the developers completely redesigned the taskbar in Windows 11, the function was not implemented here initially. Some users criticized it, so Microsoft decided to distribute this feature with the update. This is to prevent users from loading the old Windows Explorer to be able to use the functions again.

It is unclear when the option will be integrated into the final version of Windows 11. At the moment, the feature is not yet activated by default in Insider Builds. The option to drag and drop folders in the bar should be activated via a whack. According to desk modder It is conceivable that Microsoft will be testing the function in the dev channel soon. The option can then be ported back to Windows 11 22000.

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