WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1204 Results & Reports from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on 08/19/2022 (including Voting)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1145 Results and Reports from 07/30/2021 from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (including video and polling)

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1204
Location: Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Date: August 19, 2022

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us to the Tonight Show in Canada. When the suspended Ronda Rousey enters the ring, the two continue to promote the show. He claimed that he paid her the fine last week. Adam Pearce should come out and get his suspension back. You won’t leave the ring until it’s done. Pierce comes out with four security guards. He says that it is not up to him to lift the suspension and asks Rousey to leave the ring calmly. Rousey refuses, the two security men then enter the ring and are sent away. Eventually, the other two men decide to enter the ring and meet at the same end. In the end, two cops come out and arrest Rousey. She doesn’t have much love for Pierce and instead admires his hairstyle. A police car passes a large van, to which Roman Reigns applauds. He would later face-off with Drew McIntyre.

A fatal 5-way has been announced. Ricochet, Madcap Moss, Sheamus, Happy Corbin and Sami Zayn will take on the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship match at Clash at the Castle.

Bailey, Dakota Kai and IYO Sky have bought tickets to the show and are unfortunately late to take their seats directly behind the commentary table

1. Match
Tag Team Match – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship First Round Match
Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin and Jesse Jayne) defeated Sonya Deville and Natalya via a Jayne pin on Natalya after roll-in.
Match Time: 09:26

– Toxic Attraction replaced Nikita Leone and Zoey Stark who were unable to compete due to medical reasons.
– In an almost classic way, Bayley could be heard screaming throughout the match.
– Natalya’s sharpshooter had Dolin but missed a day earlier. So it was easier for Jayne to roll Natalya.

Satisfied with the result, the group around Bailey has probably seen quite a bit.

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Sami Zayn has been told that Roman Reigns wants to see him. Zain shows surprise and enters the locker room of the tribal chief. Reigns asks Zain how is it going. Canadian Jay complains about Uso and calls him ungrateful even though he himself has done so much for Bloodline. Reigns absolutely agrees with him and demands a second. Jay calls and Zain is asked to answer. The Usos seem to be in trouble at the border. Zain offers his support to her. Reigns is thrilled that Zayn is in the #1 Contender match for the Intercontinental Championship. Before Zayn leaves, Reigns has one more question. He wants to know if he is still in touch with Kevin Owens. He must tell her that Roman Reigns owes nothing to anyone. Zain agrees to tell her.

Edge vs Damien Priest, host Trish Stratus and the continuation of the Women’s Tag Team tournament were announced for Monday Night Raw.

A recap of the Intercontinental Championship match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Gunther is shown.

Max and Maxxine Dupri are in the ring, they have their models. They are quickly interrupted by hit rows with manageable audience reactions. But Max doesn’t want her in the ring because they won’t be a substitute for him to act as a model. The four of the modeling agency find themselves out of the ring before a live performance by Hit Row. Pat McAfee is enthusiastic, the audience and Michael Cole a little less. Maxine Dupree dances before leading Max backstage.

Scarlett and Carrion Cross in a video wondering why Drew McIntyre was so sensitive to his words. Because McIntyre was the “Chosen One”, but WWE was wrong about him.

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It’s fight night, baby!

2. Match
Fatal 5-Way Match
Sheamus defeated Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, Ricochet, and Madcap Moss via pinfall after a brogue kick.
Match Time: 22:25

Sami Zayn celebrated his entry to a great reaction.
Sami Zayn had to leave the match after about 15 minutes with an injury, but made a comeback after six minutes.

Gunther will take on Sheamus in Wales and defend his Intercontinental Championship.

A promo sums up the feud between Bloodline and Drew McIntyre.

We watch a video of the Viking Raiders holding a ceremony in the woods. They sacrificed the goods of the New Day in the fire. Time is up, even though they respect them as former champions and wrestlers. Soon a new “Viking Day” will be born.

A brief rundown of the feud between Shayna Baszler and SmackDown Woman Champion Liv Morgan will be featured in “Match Flow”. Morgan still looks injured. Kayla Braxton asks him if he’s worried about facing Shotji today and risking his chances of winning Clash at Castle. However, Morgan shrugs it off and remains confident for both today and the premium live event to come.

Pat McAfee, in his element, promotes the NFL Precision Game on Fox.

Shotji has also been interviewed. He is confident that he will have an easier time against the ailing Liv Morgan.

(Non-Title) Singles Match
After Oblivion, Liv Morgan defeated Shotji by pinfall.
Match Time: 06:05

After the match, Shayna Baszler attacked Liv Morgan and continued to hold Morgan’s hand. She promises to break his hand in Cardiff. So she kicks him in the face instead.

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A flashback of Ronda Rousey’s arrest is shown. According to Michael Cole, he is now free again.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring and has no Bloodline members by his side. While Reigns is in the ring, we have plenty of time to see why Paul Heyman isn’t there. First, Reigns can be recognized. Since she is no longer around every week, people feel compelled to defame her. If someone claims that Reigns is not the face of the league, then that person is a liar. Drew McIntyre is a liar in this case. There is only one main announcer and that is Roman Reigns. He doesn’t even want to talk to McIntyre, because he’s below him. Scott has heard more than enough and joins them. He accused Reigns of not representing the titles he deserves. That’s why he didn’t deserve to be the champion. Because he has Paul Heyman and the Usos. But without these companions he is just a normal man. Without these teammates, Roman Reigns has fear in his eyes as McIntyre will be denied the title at Clash at the Castle. And today with Reigns without bloodlines, Scott wants a fight. Reigns attacks him, but McIntyre quickly gains the upper hand. Zayn arrives, clears Rance out of the way and collects Claymore instead. This allows Reigns to show Superman Punch. However, McIntyre is far from defeated and could take out another Claymore. He then poses with two title belts, ending tonight’s show.

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