» Slow Second Life « Beginning + Visuals – Anime2You

» Slow Second Life « Beginning + Visuals - Anime2You

Feather official site » Anime adaptation of Kaiko Sareta Ankoku Heishi (30-Dai) No Slow No Second Life « released today announcedThat series will debut on Japanese television in January 2023. You can see a new teaser scene later in this article.

The anime is made by Encourage Films

The anime is directed by Fumitoshi Oizaki (»Daemon: Recipes for Happiness«) promoted by the film studio with the help of Yoshihide Yuzumi (»My Big Sister Arrived«). Hitomi Amamiya is writing the screenplay, while Satomi Yonezawa is designing the characters.

Tsubasa Itou (“Skeleton Knight in Another World”) is responsible for the background music for the series. The Japanese voice cast is yet to be revealed.

The series is based on Rokuzuyon Okazawa’s light novel of the same name, published in Japan since August 2019 with illustrations by Seige Joh. A manga adaptation of Rurekuchi from August 2019 is also published in »Young Magazine«. Both works were not licensed in this country.

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Daryl, a 30-year-old sinful soldier unable to use magic in a demon army, was sacked for his lack of skill. He wants to start his desperate second life in a human village…

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© Rokujuyon Okazawa / Sage Joh / Kodansha

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