WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1206 Results & Reports from Detroit, Michigan, USA on 09/02/2022 (including polling)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1145 Results and Reports from 07/30/2021 from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (including video and polling)

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1206 (Tapping: 08/26/2022)
Location: Little Caesar’s Arena in Detroit, Michigan
Date: September 02, 2022
Viewers: 9,400

Today from Michigan, commentators Michael Cole and Pat McPhee welcome us to the final stop before the WWE clash at Castle. SmackDown also begins with a straight Viking Rules match.

1. Match
Viking Rules Tag Team Match
The Viking Raiders (Eric and Ivar) defeated The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) via pinfall on Xavier Woods by Ivar after following Ragnarok through two tables.
Match Time: 22:16

Michael Cole announced that today’s show will celebrate Roman Reigns’ WWE Universal Championship run, which is now in its second year. For this purpose, several parts of a promotional video will be broadcast during the show.

After a commercial break, we see a brief rundown of what happened to Sami Zayn and Bloodline from last week. We see Jain said backstage. He prepares for the celebration and is visited by the Usos, whom he tells about the plans for the celebration. Jay Uso, still disappointed that Zayn didn’t help him win on Raw, leaves the locker room before Jimmy follows him.

Joining Kayla Braxton is Shayna Baszler, who reveals how she will beat Liv Morgan. Morgan arrives and stares with Baszler.

Karrion Kross can now be seen in a promotional video. His opponent would be Drew Gulak today “Changing Timeline” fall prey to.

It’s time for SmackDown’s in-ring debut “Doomwalkers” Karian Cross.

2. Match
singles match
Karian Cross defeated Drew Gulak via submission in the Cross Jacket.
Match Time: 1:17

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After the match, Gulak entangled his hands in the ring ropes and hung.

We see a flashback to Ronda Rousey’s arrest.

Ronda Rousey enters the ring and asks Adam Pearce to come outside to discuss her suspension. Rhonda reads a letter to Pearce saying she is no longer suspended because she has paid her fine and that her arrest was unfounded. Therefore it will be restored immediately. He added that Rousey would have been fired if it was up to her because she was “the biggest bitch ever.” Rousey carried him in an armbar as a “reward”.

We see Sami Zayn again. It is presented with a black bouquet, which was ordered for the Roman Reigns. The flowers start smelling sad. He has a card with “Tik Tok” written on it.

It’s time to hit row and max male models.

tag team match
Hit Row (Ashante Adonis & Top Doll) (w/ B-Fab) beat Max Male Model (ma.ce & man.soor) (w/ Maxxine Dupri & Max Dupri) via pinfall by Ashante “Thee” Adonis to man defeated by Thrush after heavy hitter.
Match Time: 3:05
– Shortly after the start of the match, Los Lotharios came to the ring.

Humberto and Angel distract Hit Row after the match and help her defeat MMM. The road’s profits ultimately make up the vault.

We are shown a flashback in which Happy Corbin lost to Ricochet. Happy Corbin now stands with Kayla Braxton and promises to release an open challenge today.

Once in the ring, Corbin issued his open challenge, which was accepted by Shinsuke Nakamura.

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4. Match
singles match
After Kinshasa, Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Happy Corbin via pinfall.
Match Time: 3:22

Monday was the final of the tournament for the vacant WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship on Raw, which Raquel Gonzalez and Aaliyah were able to win.

“It’s fight night!” Butch, Sheamus and Ridge Holland head into the ring for the next match.

We see Happy Corbin before Ludwig Kaiser and Gunther enter the ring. A white limousine comes in front of him and a voice asks him what is wrong with him and lets him in. Pat McPhee suspects it’s JBL.

Now Ludwig Kaiser and Gunther are also in the ring.

singles match
Butch (w/ Sheamus & Ridge Holland) defeated Ludwig Kaiser (w/ Gunther) by pinfall after a bitter end.
Match Time: 9:03

After the match, Sheamus and Gunther stare again. Günter heads backstage, ending the segment at Kaiser’s end.

Backstage, Sami Zayn goes through his checklist for the party. He asks the Usoz if he can come to the ring with them. Jay doesn’t like this, Jimmy doesn’t mind and suggests that the three of them come to the ring without Reigns to properly announce the Tribal Chief.

The Usos and Sami Zayn enter the ring to celebrate the anniversary of the reign of Roman Reigns and announce the Tribal Chief. Reigns gets out of his car, but McIntyre is immediately greeted and hits “Tribal Chief” with a Claymore Kick in the parking lot. Scott then enters the ring and then defeats The Usos and Zayn as well. He promises Reigns that he will never stop. He disabled God Mode and will be the new champion in Clash of the Castle.

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