WWE Monday Night Raw #1516 Results + Report from Wichita, Kansas, USA from 06/13/2022 (Including Video and Voting: YOUR VOTE NEEDED!)

WWE Monday Night Raw #1469 Results + Reports from Tampa, Florida, USA from 07/19/2021 (Including Video and Voting: Your Vote Required!)

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WWE Monday Night Raw #1516
Location: Intrust Bank Arena, Wichita, Kansas, USA
First broadcast: June 13, 2022
Audience: Around 4,000

Monday Night Raw has started this week with The Miz and now it is time for the new installment of Miz TV. Today the “A-Lister” has a special guest. Paul Heyman is present and he introduces himself in his own unique way. The Miz talks about “Money in the Bank” and the interesting opportunity that comes with the suitcase. He himself was able to successfully use this suitcase twice and Midge is planning a third coup in the near future. Usually you have two champions to target. However, Roman Reigns is the undisputed WWE Universal Champion at the moment. Heyman likes the way Miz explains the concept of money in the Banks case and the potential for a new champion is huge. But not with the “tribal chief”. The chance of becoming champion against Roman Reigns is nil. Riddle will also have no chance in his title match against Reigns this Friday. This, of course, brings Riddle on the scene immediately and he is already looking forward to the match. The two guys in the ring don’t like this interruption at all. Riddle is confident and thinks he has the best chances this Friday. Riddle seeks revenge and redemption for his best friend, Randy Orton. Heyman respects Riddle, but he won’t beat Roman Reigns. He even says that Riddle can’t even beat his opponent tonight. I would like to make one thing clear. If Riddle loses his title match, he will never receive another WWE Undisputed Universal Championship match as long as Roman Reigns is the champion. With these words, Heyman is declared the undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. Jimmy and Jay want to scare Riddle. Luckily, Riddle is backed in the form of Street Profits! Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins enter the ring and prepare for the first match of the night between Montez Ford and Jimmy Uso.

1. Match
singles match
Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso (w/Jay Uso) defeated Montez Ford (w/Angelo Dawkins) via pin after hitting Splash in the pin.
Match Time: 13:02

Seth “Freakin” Rollins getting ready for an interview. Before that, we see a brief rundown of what happened in last week’s Raw output. Cody Rhodes opens up about his injury and winning Hell in a Cell. Rollins came out and showed his respect to Cody. After this, the injured Rhodes was attacked with a hammer. The latter has already been operated and will be out for 9 months.

Kevin Patrick welcomes Seth “Freakin” Rollins to the interview and asks if Seth regrets attacking Cody Rhodes. Last week’s words were meant to be taken seriously. He respects Rhodes for his appearance in Hell in a Cell. However, Cody Rhodes is a virus in and of itself, WWE. The guy wanted to appear in “Money in the Bank” with a torn pectoral muscle. So Rollins had to act and eventually stop this madness. So he did. With these words he proudly presents his demolition hammer to us. Patrick wants to know what’s next for Seth. After Cody Rhodes was fired, Rollins turned his attention to “Money in the Bank”. Later tonight he has to qualify for the match against AJ Styles and he will do so. Just like he did Cody Rhodes. Styles suddenly attacks Seth! AJ will not give up easily and is making a mark ahead of the qualifying match.

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We see a recap of Dana Brooke’s 24/7 Championship title win. She also managed to successfully defend her title against Becky Lynch. Today “Big Time Bakes” has got another chance. Before the match, Becky attacks her opponent and kicks him out of the ring. There Lynch grabs a microphone and she talks about being angry. It was never about that 24/7 title. It’s about Becky not being respected. Week after week his winnings are taken away from him and he must be finished in the end. She won’t let this happen to her and takes her frustration out on Dana. Asuka’s music plays. The Japanese want to save Brooke, and a brawl immediately breaks out between him and Becky. Asuka herself can decide this. Frustrated Becky slowly backs away. We listen to music by Alexa Bliss. It makes its way to the “Money in the Bank” qualification match. The winning team will qualify for the ladder match.

2. Match
Tag Team Match – Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Match
Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan beat Dewdrop and Nikki Ash via pin on Nikki Ash by Bliss after a DDT.
Match Time: 04:26

“Judgment Day” went strong last week with another member. Finn has joined Balor Stables and along with him the former leader was kicked out. Edge was brutally assaulted and indefinitely hospitalized with a con-chair-two.

singles match
Ezekiel defeated Kevin Owens via count out after Owens was distracted by commentators.
Match Time: 08:31

After the match, Ezekiel grabs a microphone and he explains his ambitions. Ezekiel is desperate to enter the Money in the Bank ladder match. But he also has breaking news for us. Next week his big brother Elias is set to appear on Monday Night Raw! Owens can hardly believe it and doesn’t believe a word. Ezekiel is telling us that his brother is in great shape and it’s time to remind us that WWE stands for Walk With Alias.

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Bobby Lashley defeated The Omos and MVP at Hell in a Cell. Cedric Alexander also had fingers in the game. Today Cedric will meet with MVP. Before the match, MVP has a few words to say to Cedric. Obviously, Alexander has trouble accepting that the “damage to business” is history. Omos and MVP are in a different league and will prove it. Because Omos will grab the “Money in the Bank” suitcase and soon become the champion. Cedric Alexander’s music interrupts the promo and it is match time.

4. Match
singles match
MVP (w/ Omos) defeated Cedric Alexander via pin after playmaker.
Match Time: 01:40

AJ Styles speaks backstage about how Seth’s action against Cody was unforgivable. Today he will qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match by defeating Rollins. Seth can also be seen. He can only laugh at AJ’s words. Rollins will dedicate his win over Styles to Cody Rhodes. With that, it is time for the qualifying match.

Singles Match – Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Match
Seth “Freakin” Rollins defeated AJ Styles via pin after a roll-in.
Match Time: 15:08

6. Match
singles match
After the RKO, Riddle defeated Ciampa with a pin.
Match Time: 04:34

Rhea Ripley secured her Raw Women’s Championship match against Bianca Belair last week. The match will be held at Money in the Bank. Kevin Patrick is in the ring and will be interviewed by Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. We listen to her music and she makes her way to the ring. Patrick talks about Rhea Ripley and her newfound aggression in the ring. Belair isn’t intimidated by Ripley. Rather it is a new challenge. Bianca accepts that Rhea is showing a new intensity. However, Money in the Bank will not have any new champions. Bianca will show why she is the best in WWE and successfully defends her title. We hear and watch Rhea Ripley via Titantron with Damien Priest and Finn Balor. The three superstars underline that they no longer want to be under orders. That’s why Edge was kicked out last week. Rhea also addresses Bianca directly, promising a fight Belair can’t win. Ripley has found himself and is free from chains. She will secure the Raw Women’s Championship for the second time in “Money in the Bank”.

United States Champion Theory prepares to pose against Bobby Lashley. Sarah Schreiber comes along and wants to know if she’s ready for that “pose-down”. Doctrine doesn’t really understand the question. After all, he is the youngest United States Champion ever and he looks great. Her body is ready, she is ready and TODAY Theory shows us all why Lashley definitely didn’t deserve a title match. Theory would also assume the return of John Cena in two weeks, once he was done with “All Mighty”.

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John Cena will return to Monday Night Raw in two weeks as part of his 20th anniversary.

7. Match
singles match
Chad Gable (w/ Otis) defeated Mustafa Ali by the pin after a Chaos Theory suplex.
Match Time: 03:16
Otis made a decisive intervention in the match.

Last week, Rey Mysterio defeated Veer to help his son get out against Veer Mahan. Today Ray will face Mahan.

singles match
Veer Mahan defeated Rey Mysterio (w/ Dominik Mysterio) via submission in the cervical clutch.
Match Time: 03:47
-Veer attacks Dominic Mysterio outside the ring.

Commentators are covering this Friday’s WWE Undisputed Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Riddle. Asuka and Becky Lynch will face off in the Money in the Bank qualifiers next Monday. In addition, Elias will celebrate his return and will also play a concert.

It is time for a pose-down between United States Champion Theory and Bobby Lashley. The music of theory can be heard. He walks into the ring with great confidence and looks ready. Adam Pierce is already in the ring to introduce the first contestant. Youngest United States Champion ever, Theory! Next “All Mighty” is Bobby Lashley. We listen to his music and make our way to Lashley to “pose down”. Pierce explains the rules. Each of them will perform three poses on the podium and the fans will decide the winner. Theory will go first. He stands on the podium and performs three poses. Lashley doesn’t seem impressed. He takes the mic from Pearce and promises to win not only the pose-down, but the United States Championship as well. Next, Lashley does three poses. The verdict is clear. Fans cheer for Bobby Lashley and he is declared the winner. Theory is unhappy with the verdict. After all, there is another currency. Theory sprays baby oil on Lashley’s face and forces her out of the ring. After that, the US Champion climbs onto the podium and takes a few selfies. All Mighty removes the oil from his face during Theory’s celebration. Today’s Raw edition concludes with these pictures.


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